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Singapore Masters Athletics
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By Mrs. Glory Barnabas
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From the helm of Singapore’s Masters Athletics, I pen these few lines with much pleasure that we have indeed come a long way from the inception of Asian Veterans Athletics Association in 1981 when Singapore hosted the very first championships, at a time when few Asian countries were aware of the games. We have arrived at the 16th championships in the series and we have graduated from “Veterans” to “Masters”. We have 24 affiliates and as the games gather momentum we hope to gather more under this umbrella of goodwill and sportsmanship.

The 16th Asian Masters Athletics Championship will be staged from 6th to 11th December 2010 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, a country long associated with sporting prowess and hospitality. Big names in athletics, especially in the sprints, have emerged from this country and I am very confident that the games will be yet another resounding success!

To all athletics, I wish you every success and may we all cherish the friendship and experience of the 16th games.

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