RunSociety Race Reviewer’s Writing Guide

Version 1.9, last updated on 20 July 2015.

These online guidelines will provide you with all the information you need to help you get started as a race reviewer. Please carefully consider articles recently published on RunSociety: this is the level of quality we expect from you. In order to ensure that your article will not be rejected or delayed, please adhere closely to our editorial standards. We take pride in our work and know you do too!

Event Selection:

  • Please let us know in advance which event you wish to review (We love Singapore and Asia races)
  • If you have a particular race that you wish to review, let us know and we can arrange for a complimentary race ticket for the event. Complimentary race tickets are based on availability so it will be good to notify us in advance

Article Format, Style and Timeline:

  • Prepare your article in .doc format
  • Language should be in British English
  • Word count for an article shall be more than 600 words and less than 2200 words
  • Review submitted should not be more than 7 days after event date

Content Overview

  • The article should be written in the 1st person view
  • Content must be presented as true and accurate as possible in a professional way, sources should be provided for experts, research, and references with links for credibility when it comes to statistical information. No fabrication or defamation will be accepted
  • Content should not be overly promotional or biased. Any self promotion will be listed in the author bio
  • Content must not promote any hate or illegal and harmful activities. No obscene language or profanities allowed. No discrimination, sexism, racism or discrimination of any kind will be allowed on any individual, brands or organisations

Race Review Guidelines:

  • Start with an introduction of the event, why you joined it and talk about any interesting concepts of the race, which may include details such as price, category, location, time, date, race packs etc
  • Include a "Category Participated:21km/42km/etc", to reflect the category that you ran in
  • Have different sub headers with descriptive words, highlighting different parts of the race
  • Race review should include opinions on how the event was organised, what was done well and what should be improved. The review can touch on these topics: Logistics, contingency plan, crowd management, participant welfare, safety, route, after-race programs, volunteers performance, personal opinions and any other interesting happenings observed
  • As a race reviewer you should also include a statement on whether you would be interested in taking part in the race again
  • Reviewer should also take note of any complaints by other participants and provide constructive feedback for the organiser
  • End each race review with a conclusion - "Event Overview" and list down a summary of highlights of the event in pointer form (Minimum 4 pointers)

Image Guidelines:

  • All articles will need to have at least 2 images
  • Author must own the copyright of the images and have granted RunSociety permission to use the images
  • Images provided must be clear and in high resolution
  • Landscape and portrait images are accepted however there must be at least one in landscape view.
  • Image size should be minimum 960px in width, saved in .JPG format
  • Each image should include a caption describing it

Author Profile

  • You must provide a high-resolution mug shot and a short description of yourself (60 - 70 words).
  • The size of the mug shot should 150px by 150px.
  • You can insert your social media profile and website/blog url if you have one


  • Your article is exclusively for It must not be republished on any other media, digital or print
  • You are allowed to publish an extract (not more than 50 words) of the article which should link back to the original article source.
  • Articles written for RunSociety must be original and not plagiarized
  • The author is encouraged to conduct research and gather inspiration. However they should write the article in their own words. Appropriate statistics and data should be credited accordingly in the article
  • RunSociety reserves all rights to edit, amend and change parts of the article without the need of consent by the reviewer


If you are unsure about anything, or have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We will be glad to assist you.

Keep Running and Writing!