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Exclusive Interview with Australian Fitness Guru Tanya Poppett

by On Jun 7, 2017

We were happy to speak to Ms Tanya Poppett, a fitness guru from Australia when she was in Singapore as the High Intensity Interval Training specialist for the very first training escapade for women hosted by ASICS Singapore.

Tanya's unique style of training has been admired by thousands of people around the globe through her blog and other social media outlets. Tanya has a firm belief that fit and healthy is an outfit that looks different on everyone and that staying active does not necessarily mean 'hitting the gym'. As a fitness leader, she aims to break down this perceived notion of fitness by developing innovative ways of getting fit and staying active.

Tanya spoke of her first visit to Singapore and about how HIIT training can aid all runners to run better and faster. Watch the interview to find out more.

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