About RunSociety

Singapore's running scene has burgeoned over the past decade, evident by the growing number of competitive races around the island. RunSociety was founded with the purpose of uniting the cumulative interests of runners from all walks of life under a common umbrella; keeping them abreast of the latest developments.

As opposed to the many blog-like web portals (running-related) out there, RunSociety is the first online magazine in Singapore governed by editorial guidelines and the fundamentals of journalistic integrity. It’s a place where both elite and aspiring runners can feel at ease, knowing they are receiving information that has been rigorously vetted by a dedicated team of experienced professionals.

About RunSociety

Objectivity - RunSociety believes in telling it as it is. Whether it's an event, gear review, or even expert advice on injury prevention, it’s all been thoroughly researched and void of any form of biasness.

Reliability - Rest assured that all published content on RunSociety are up-to-date and accurate.

Community - It doesn’t matter what nationality you belong to. All runners are equal in RunSociety, some faster than others. Our members are part of a single tight-knitted community which transcends geographical and social borders without prejudice of any kind. Records are broken by bonds. Remember that.

RECORDS ARE BROKEN BY BONDS.: Our motto symbolises strength in unity, envisioning every victory spurred by the bonds of runner-camaraderie.