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Ready to Light up the Night at Singapore’s First Bubble Glow 5k?

by On Apr 10, 2016

BUBBLE GLOW 5K is Asia’s inaugural 5km fun run catered to all age-group who seeks more than the thrill of a typical run.

Ready to Light up the Night at Singapore First Bubble Glow 5k?

Have you been trying (without success) to convince a friend, family member or child to adopt running because you know their life will be enhanced as a direct result? If you’ve had no luck, talk them into signing up for Singapore’s inaugural Bubble Glow 5k, scheduled to take place at Gardens by the Bay on 21 May 2016.

Even newbies will have so much fun running through neon bubbles, it won’t feel like exercise, so if it takes a wild event like the Bubble Glow 5k to convert the reticent, the non-believers (and the lazy) to participate, think of yourself as the redeemer of couch potatoes. You’ll sign up too, right?

What’s a bubble glow?

The Bubble Glow 5k puts a lively twist on a marathon that’s as much about giggles as it is about competing. Just about everyone under the Singapore moon belongs on the Bubble Glow track: adults, teens, kids and seniors — but please leave kids who are aged three and under at home with a sitter!

In addition to making this a great physical challenge, you can set your own race pace. Walk. Jog. Run. Stroll. Do it all surrounded by thousands of UV bubbles that are 100-percent safe. If you already love Gardens by the Bay, you’ll love it even more when everything is glowing.

Ready to Light up the Night at Singapore First Bubble Glow 5k?

Registration details

Registration for the upcoming Bubble Glow Run is already underway and since entry fees are modest (adults: $40 to $55 and kids: $25 to $35), the bounty of perks and benefits participants receive is exceptional.

Sign up and then show up at Velocity (Novena Square Wing Atrium) on either 14 or 15 May to claim your race packet(s) between the hours of 10 a.m. and 8 p.m. What do you need to claim your stuff? Your photo ID or NRIC card plus the race invoice you downloaded and printed when you registered.

By the way, group registration is encouraged, so invite your friends, club or work colleagues to be drenched in bubbles together.

FYI: the occasional registration receipt winds up in Spam so if yours doesn’t appear promptly, check that folder before contacting race organisers. By the way, if you’ve a friend who can’t make it to Velocity, show up with her letter of authorization and your ID and you can claim her packet, too.

Dress for the occasion!

It’s never been more important to wear the t-shirt you find in your race packet because it’s the uniform everyone will wear to run the bubble gauntlet. It’s meant to be drenched in color on the night of the event when thousands of bubbles float through the air and crash on the fabric, at which point UV lights turn every inch of the shirt into a riot of glowing neon hues.

How does this come about? Well, clever race organisers will set up glow zones along the race route so everywhere bubbles land, imprints will pop the moment the light hits shirts. No fancy shorts or pants required because they’re going to be assaulted by bubbles, too.

Ready to Light up the Night at Singapore First Bubble Glow 5k?

Sure, you can wash your race shirt with soap and water to remove stains after the fact, but where’s the fun in that?

Word of advice: if you’re paranoid about your running shoes, you may wish to wear an old pair for this 5k event.

When the big day arrives...

Check your race pack contents. Bib? Check. T-shirt? Of course. Photo ID? Don’t leave home without it. Find unusual items to enhance your experience, including a waterproof phone holder so your smartphone stays dry and a drawstring bag filled with UV Face Glow Paint, a face tattoo and a surprise we can’t tell you about because our only clue is that it’s an LED item.

Bring a towel and a change of clothing along, unless you don’t care about partying into the night soaked to the skin! Show up at the park as early as you like by taking any of the MRT shuttle services running every 10-15 minutes between the hours of 5:30 p.m. and 7.30 p.m. If you're brave enough to drive, fight traffic and troll for a parking slot, leave your car at either the Bay East or Marina Bay Car Parks.

You want more!

And you shall have it, Grasshopper. The 5k run through bubbles and UV lighting that makes these showers of bubbles look and feel surreal is just the beginning of an eclectic evening of post-sundown fun that begins when the first wave of 2,000 runners is flagged off.

A lively group of Singapore’s top musical personalities will show up after the race to keep your body moving as you dance away the night amid more UV lights in your color-splashed shirt or change of clothing.

Ready to Light up the Night at Singapore First Bubble Glow 5k?

Included on the entertainment roster are MI Capella & Drummer DJ Chow and no post-race carnival would be complete without activities for all ages, yummy treats and beverages. If you’re up for partying all night in this atmosphere of colourful enthusiasm and good cheer, you probably won’t be alone!

What's your opinion on fun runs like this event? Do you usually have a better time by attending with a group or are you all about meeting new people?

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