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Top 10 Singapore Running Events of 2018 According to Participants

by On Dec 29, 2018

These running events have inspired thousands of runners to participate in 2018.

Top 10 Singapore Running Events of 2018 According to Participants

There are more than 160 large and small running events in Singapore in 2018. It has certainly been a wonderful year for the running community in Singapore. Slowly but surely, people are inspiring each other to start running together, at the same time further developing this community as a whole. As we bid our goodbyes to 2018, it would a good time to reminisce on what each of us has achieved over the year as both an individual and an entire community.

Countless running events were being held almost weekly in 2018. We have compiled a list of the best Singapore running events held in 2018 after speaking with runners in no particular order.

Top 10 Singapore Running Events of 2018

10. MetaSprint Series 2018

Dates: 11th February 2018 (Aquathlon), 11th March 2018 (Duathlon), 15th April (Triathlon)
Venues: Sentosa Palawan Beach, F1 Village, East Coast Park (Respectively)

The MetaSprint Series 2018 was introduced to allow runners to experience the world of triathlon. This fun, friendly and family-oriented event has managed to attract 20,000 runners to the sport. Doesn't matter if you couldn't swim or cycle as there are suitable categories for everyone out there unless you are already an experienced triathlete.

Winner for both the Men’s Elite and the Champion of Champions titles, Mr Tim Cosulich exclaimed:

Yes, I will be back for the duathlon and triathlon. They are really good, well-run races and I like to support MetaSport who always do such a good job at organising races.

Top 10 Singapore Running Events of 2018 According to Participants

Photo Credit: MetaSport

9. Safari Zoo Run 2018

Date: 27th January 2018
Venue: Singapore Zoo

Raising awareness for the wildlife conservation and encouraging family bonding was always Safari Zoo Run's objective. This year was its 10th edition and over 5,700 participants took part across three categories respectively. The majority of the participants had no issues locating the race pack collection tents and the process of it was very smooth. The race itself had implemented unique photo-taking spots along the way for families to keep a memorial. Till the end, there was non-stop encouragement to finish the runs and post-race food and beverages were even provided.

Fellow participant and finisher, Ms Lishan Chia mentioned:

It was an enjoyable race and we are heartened to see families coming together on a Saturday morning to celebrate the 10th years running for the wildlife.

Top 10 Singapore Running Events of 2018 According to Participants

Photo Credit: Safari Zoo Run

8. SingTel - Singapore Cancer Society Race Against Cancer 2018

Date: 22nd July 2018
Venue: Angsana Green (East Coast Park)

Organising a charity run is a remarkable act to give back to society. SingTel in partnership with the Singapore Cancer Society, Race Against Cancer 2018 hosted its 10th edition and over 8,000 runners participated across three different categories. The event managed to raise more than $1.1 million for charity and will all go towards the society's programmes to support cancer patients and their families, including funding the treatment of needy patients.

Participant Choo Sing Wee commented:

Well-organised, enthusiastic volunteers and meaningful objectives. Will be back.

Top 10 Singapore Running Events of 2018 According to Participants

Photo Credit: SingTel - Singapore Cancer Society Race Against Cancer

7. Marina Run 2018

Date: 10th February 2018
Venue: Marina Barrage

The Marina Run was held at the scenic Gardens By The Bay East and welcome thousands of participants with a high volume of overseas participants yearly. A great evening race with 4 different race categories allow participants from different running level to enjoy the beautiful night landscape of Singapore city coastline. Overall the race was well executed with participants going home with smiles.

Participant Mr Andreas Sid commented:

As always wonderful, 3rd time in a row for me even if I come all the way from Europe for it.

Top 10 Singapore Running Events of 2018 According to Runners

Photo Credit: Marina Run

6. Income Eco Run 2018

Date: 29th April 2018
Venue: Marina Bay

Ever since the first initiative of the "Zero Waste Runner" in 2017, there was an increase of 30% runners were encouraged to declining the finisher tees, race medal, or even both. As a well-organised event, a total of 9,000 runners participated in support of the cause for zero waste. Both race pack collection and the race itself were sorted out quickly and efficiently to prevent any unforeseen circumstances from happening. Free massages and ice creams were provided for post-race activities at the Income Eco Run.

Participant Alicia Young remarked:

Well-organised run. There were officers at the road closures and volunteers can be seen along the run. Hydration points were sufficient with volunteers refilling promptly. The road signs and distance markers were all clearly marked. I ran the HM and there was no bottle-necks. Overall, a very well-organised run.

Top 10 Singapore Running Events of 2018 According to Participants

Photo Credit: Income Eco Run

5. STAR WARS™ RUN Singapore 2018

Date: 4th & 5th May 2018
Venue: F1 Pit Building

In this second edition of the STAR WARS™ RUN Singapore 2018, fans, friends and families gathered together to celebrate the comeback of this sensational event. A mind blowing 10,000 participants were present to enjoy a wonderful line-up of activities such as band performance, cosplayer appearance, movies under the stars, the run itself and many more.

Participant Priscilla Chew shared her race review:

I had thought that the flag off was quite impressive. This was the part of the event that had been heavily hyped up. There was an emcee on each side, the Light and the Dark side, and they were engaging in a bit of friendly banter at which side of the Force is the best. They were also riling up participants too, getting them to cheer, to find out which side was able to cheer the loudest. And the pyrotechnic fireworks were amazing and stunning too.

Top 10 Singapore Running Events of 2018 According to Participants

Photo Credit: STAR WARS™ RUN Singapore

4. 2XU Compression Run Singapore 2018

Date: 8th April 2018
Venue: F1 Pit Building

Famous for its well-prepared half-marathon category, the 2XU Compression Run Singapore 2018 has at least 25,000 runners signed up across three different categories. Everyone that went to collect their race pack only had to spend 10 - 15 minutes waiting. During the run, volunteers at hydration stations were wearing a mask for hygienic purposes. When the race ends, the event was still not over, there were many activities going on, such as photo booths and a live Yoga class.

Fellow participant and finisher, Mr Alvin Tan Wee Beng commented:

For me I think the race was generally well-organised. I think the waves were released at adequate intervals, because if the waves were too close to each other there would be more instances of faster runners zig-zagging around trying to overtake the slower ones.

Top 10 Singapore Running Events of 2018 According to Runners

Photo Credit: 2XU Compression Run

3. Hello Kitty Run Singapore 2018

Date: 15th July 2018
Venue: The Promontory @ Marina Bay

Remember those days when hundreds of people would queue up at McDonalds for a Hello Kitty Toy? Well, the people at Pink Apple Pte Ltd brought back this world's most famous character as a running event. It is known as the Fruity Rush as Hello Kitty hangs out with lots of exotic, colourful fruits and it's always a repeating theme in the run. Before 2018, Hello Kitty Run was so popular that at least 17,000 participants showed up for the 2014 edition.

First time participant Angel De Castro commented:

My very first Hello Kitty Run & I really enjoyed it. Kudos to all Hello Kitty Lovers out there. Thank you for all the sponsors of this event.

Top 10 Singapore Running Events of 2018 According to Participants

Photo Credit: Hello Kitty Run Singapore

2. SAFRA Singapore Bay Run & Army Half Marathon 2018

Date: 26th August 2018
Venue: Esplanade Drive

Yet again, SAFRA Singapore Bay Run & Army Half Marathon is back with its 26th edition and over 41,000 runners participated across five different categories. The overall increase of 1,000 participants was not an issue as the routine of registration was broken up into two to maximise efficiency. However, the queue started to lengthen as there was a lucky draw spin for everyone to win something small. Minor delays happened during race day, but did not affect the whole programme overall. To avoid confusion, signages and route marshals were assigned just in case runners were lost.

Naval Combat Officer and fellow participant, Captain (CPT) Katie Lin stated:

I would want to participate in the SSBR & AHM in the following year - it's a great time where I get to catch up with many friends in the SAF.

Top 10 Singapore Running Events of 2018 According to Participants

Photo Credit: SAFRA Singapore Bay Run & Army Half Marathon

1. Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2018

Dates: 8th - 9th December 2018
Venue: F1 Pit Building

The Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon has always been a banger for serious runners. This year was its 17th edition and over 50,000 runners participated across six different categories. Even though the number of participants increased by 2,000 from the previous edition, the overall race pack collection experience was swift and efficient. During the race itself, sufficient hydration points, medic tents and splash zones were readily available at certain distances. Finisher medals were also special this year as runners were able to write/carve their name and finish time at the back of it.

Participants and finisher Ms Maylinda Teo expressed:

Congratulations Ironman Asia for the very well-organised event this year. It is indeed a world-class running event that any avid runners will not want to miss.

Top 10 Singapore Running Events of 2018 According to Participants

Photo Credit: Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon

What are your thoughts on these best Singapore Running Events held in 2018? Are there any other running events you would say is better? Will you be looking out for the same events in the future? Share with us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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