Spartan Race Hurricane Heat: Bright

Spartan Race Hurricane Heat: Bright
Start Date October 6, 2017
End Date October 6, 2017
Venue Pioneer Park Recreation Reserve
Address 64/72 Coronation Ave, Bright VIC 3741, Australia
Sports Running
Distance Type 7km Time-based
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About Event

The Spartan Race Hurricane Heat at Pioneer Park Recreation Reserve in Bright in Victoria on Friday, 6 October 2017 is a 4-hour team obstacle course.

The Hurricane Heat was born in August 2011. On the advice of local emergency services, a US Spartan Race was cancelled due to severe weather, which was later named Hurricane Irene. There was a loud minority of racers who didn't see this as valid and wouldn't let it go. Joe Desena, Spartan Race founder eventually posted, "if you want to do the course in a hurricane, then be there at 6 am." 100 or so people showed up, and JD took them over the course as a team, adding a number of obstacles and challenges along the way.

The Hurricane Heat is run as a team so individual times are not applicable. Getting to the finish line as a team is the only goal.

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