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Could 6 Bottles of Cleansing Juice Change My Life?

by On Feb 20, 2016
Could 6 Bottles of Cleansing Juice Change My Life?

When I stopped running due to an injury, I soothed myself while convalescing, filling my fridge with sugary treats, processed foods and fatty meats. Sadly, once I healed up, my bad eating habits remained as I dragged myself through day after day with so little energy, even the thought of returning to my running routine didn't motivate me.

I knew I had to reclaim my good health, but when a friend suggested I try a cleanse to kick start my efforts, I was skeptical. Because cleanses, I thought, were just so much marketing hype. But I was desperate. Would a bunch of bottles of juice work to get me back to my former healthy state? Find out when you read my story!

But, Which Product Should I Choose?

Once I decided to recover my good health by trying a cleansing juice product, I was immediately faced with a dilemma: which brand should I try in so crowded a market?

After trying Antidote pre and post workout juice pack before, I concluded that the new Antidote Active Cleanse juice pack could offer the right mix of integrity, results and safety.

To begin my education, I went to their website and was surprised to learn that Antidote cleanses have no equal when it comes to freshness; I could pick up juice that's just been processed from the Antidote production kitchen at 46 Siglap Drive — or have it delivered to my home. That really sold me on freshness!

Could 6 Bottles of Cleansing Juice Change My Life?

I Still Needed Reassurance…

Part of me wanted to know what I would be drinking. Part of me wanted to remain ignorant because (don't tell my Mum this) I still dislike many types of veggies.

But I wanted to get on the road to good health badly, so I read about the intense research nutritional expert Dr. Cheryl Yeo, a National University of Singapore PhD in chemistry, undertook to figure out how to prepare organic produce so every juice product has the proper balance of nutrients to cleanse the body of waste and toxins.

I learned that veggies and fruits grown on site at the Antidote farm are supplemented by fresh produce from farmers and suppliers who meet Dr. Yeo's exacting standards. Good to know, I thought.

I Was Impressed By The Process Too

Not only are ingredients used to formulate Antidote Active Cleanse juice packs first quality, but the equipment used to craft these juices is state-of-the-art and the secret behind its freshness. Unlike other cleansing products, nutrient-stripping heat processes are never used in the manufacture of Antidote products.

Instead, Norwalk 280 machines quickly break down fruits and vegetables in a grinding fashion to open cell walls before high-pressure hydraulic presses convert solids to liquids in a flash. Not a single vitamin, mineral, enzyme or antioxidant is lost, a fact that convinced me I was making the right product choice.

Could 6 Bottles of Cleansing Juice Change My Life?

I Jumped Into the World of Cleansing

What convinced me to jump in? I was worried about taste — until I learned that Antidote Active Cleanse juice pack flavours include ingredients like decaf coffee, raw Medjool dates, raw cacao, sesame seeds, and the tasty fruits and vegetables I happen to like.

I was ready to go, and started by preparing my body by drinking copious amounts of herbal tea before I took a break from my life for 24 hours to let the juices do their thing.

I had been given a choice of an active-, beginner-, intermediate- or advanced-level cleansing pack (I took the first) and received my six bottles from Antidote.

For the next 24 hours, I consumed six bottles of juice in place of meals to flush out toxins and offer my digestive track a hiatus from processing food. I also drank tons of water.

Runner's Boon

  • I felt as though I had been reborn after this experience. Clear-headed. Lighter. Rejuvenated!
  • My energy levels were extraordinary, likely the result of radically cleaning out my GI system.
  • I felt refreshed and strong — hopeful that I could return to my healthy diet and running once more.

Runner's Bane

  • That first day is hard; replacing meals with six bottles of juice is not easy.
  • I experienced uncomfortable bloating, gas and diarrhea that nevertheless proved the cleanse was working.
  • I wouldn’t recommend this to someone in a delicate state of health; who is pregnant or very young.
  • Abusing cleanses by taking them frequently can be dangerous for those who have addictive personalities and I'm glad that I'm not one.
  • I would advise staying home from work and avoiding social activity for a least 24 hours.

Could 6 Bottles of Cleansing Juice Change My Life?


Would I employ the Antidote Active Cleanse juice pack system again? You bet. This product offers all of the integrity a person concerned about re-balancing their system could ask for, and the convenience of being able to pick up the product from company kitchens means that my body is getting a supremely fresh product that no cleanse sitting on store shelves can offer.

Was it fun? Are you kidding? But it was enough of a push to get me back into my running shoes, and what else matters?

Not convinced? Try the cleanse yourself and feel the effect it has on you. You can order the Active Cleanse juice pack at Antidote's website for S$89.

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