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How To Be A Runner And Go On A Vegetarian Diet

by On Sep 23, 2013
How To Be A Runner And Go On A Vegetarian Diet

Becoming a runner is often one of the best things we can do with our lives. The health rewards of running are numerous, with the ability to stay in shape and burn calories a major plus to this form of exercise, often helping us look better even as we feel we're at our best. Running has also been shown to literally make us happier, by releasing serotonin - the chemical which provides feelings of reward, well-being and happiness -- into our brains after a good workout. The natural antidepressant qualities provided by running are just some of the reasons that so many people find their life improving on a scale they've never found through any other life choice. This might just improve and increase the positivity and happiness in Singapore, where results revealed that it is the unhappiest country.

How To Be A Runner And Go On A Vegetarian Diet

Running As A Healthy Choice

Not only that, but we reduce the potential for life-threatening illnesses - heart disease and cancer among them. With diseases like these being the leading cause of death in Singapore, running would pose as a major benefit in decreasing the likelihood of getting them. And when we enjoy running with a passion, it means we're having fun while we grow as individuals. Qualities like these make running one of the most life-affirming sports we can ever take up.

Many people who are runners often ask what other lifestyle choices they can make to complement their favourite activity. They're getting the improvements in mood and health that come from running, but want to kick their life into the next gear - creating a sort of holistic approach to life that allows them to shift their habits into healthier and better emotional and physical landscapes.

How Vegetarianism Can Complement The Running Life

That's why, when we combine healthy life activities like running with other healthy choices like vegetarianism, it's really a point in life in which we may find a wonderful combination of physical exertion and diet. Vegetarianism can be a significantly positive change in any person's life - whether taken up for ethical reasons, such as a concern for the well-being of animals, or for health reasons, vegetarianism can prevent debilitating illnesses such as diabetes as well as keep our bodies fit, so that we look great.

Making The Transition To A Meatless Diet

So what are some of the ways that a runner going vegetarian can get the most nutritional value out of their food? The good news is, if you've got a big appetite, you don't have to be hungry after a meal. Vegetarian meals can often be just as filling as meat-based dishes, and with the right ingredients they can often taste great. Keep in mind that protein - which we often derive from meat in our diet - can come from other sources, such as beans and eggs. According to the Mayo Clinic, eating about 50 - 175 grams of protein on a basic 2000 calorie per day diet is important, and with a bit of a change we can easily meet that level.

How To Be A Runner And Go On A Vegetarian Diet

Ingredients That Can Often Replace Meat

Using items such as potatoes, tofu, eggs or tempeh, for example, can provide a filling experience for a meal - and with recipes such as stir-fried vegetables or traditional Indian dishes, these products can be among the most delicious we'll experience. Stir-frying vegetables such as celery, broccoli, bell peppers and crispy peas served with tofu over rice can make for a delicious, filling dinner that will provide lots of energy for the next day's run.

How To Be A Runner And Go On A Vegetarian Diet

Meals such as Phad Thai can be made with simple recipes for noodles and eggs, making for a delicious dinner that may rank as among the most delicious we've ever had. And when we're used to equating meat dishes with flavor, we can be surprised by how the right vegetarian dish can amaze us with its rich tastes and new textures. It's a bit like finding a new countryside scene you've never known about before, the first thing you'll notice is how good you feel.

Other companies provide imitation meat patties - a substitute for hamburgers or chicken burgers - that are not only delicious when eaten on a bun, but with a side of French fries will be filling and scrumptious. These products can be found in the frozen food aisle of any good market, and they often come in a variety of flavors, with spices we'd usually associate with Indian or Chinese meals livening up the way we think about the traditional burger.

How To Be A Runner And Go On A Vegetarian Diet

So if you're a runner considering going vegetarian, know that an even healthier future may just be awaiting you, and that knowledge can improve the happiness you are probably getting from your regular exercise. With a new set of daily habits that involve healthy meals with the right amount of protein and other nutrients, we can get our life off to another fresh new start and perhaps brighten our futures in a way that we didn't even know was possible. For many people, that's a life change that will never let us down.

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