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Meet the first local food brand dedicated exclusively to a low carb lifestyle

by On Oct 29, 2018

If you have a passion for great meals that promote health and well-being and help to prevent diseases such as diabetes, check out a new Low Carb dieting brand coming to Singapore.

Launch of BenBanter in Singapore!

BenBanter is the very first brand in the region that is dedicated exclusively to a Low Carb Lifestyle, and it aims to provide great tasting snack and meal alternatives that comply with even the most demanding healthy diet standards.

The products are made with natural ingredients that have been formulated to avoid sugar, carbohydrates, and vegetable oils while maintaining great taste and cooking convenience. Each product's unique packaging is simple and great to look at, and customers can also be sure that BenBanter is truly low in carbohydrates.

BenBanter is owned by Spinnach Holdings Pte Ltd, a health and wellness company based in Singapore. Following the healthy message behind the company's tagline, "Eat Better, Get Better," BenBanter believes that the biggest improvements in health come from eating better foods and having a healthy diet. The company's products are available in Singapore at Watsons and Mahota as well as online at benbanter.com, and BenBanter is also coming soon to the American Club, RedMart and other retailers that promote healthy living.

Launch of BenBanter in Singapore!

What is Keto?

Keto is a dietary concept that is centered on the principle of learning to live with low levels of dietary carbohydrates and emphasizes the avoidance of rice, grains or starchy vegetables in one's diet. A Keto diet also involves consuming little to no sugar and implementing higher levels of protein and fat into one's daily caloric intake. There are currently hundreds of thousands of Keto communities across the globe growing rapidly via social media, and the movement is already changing the way that people from many different cultures think about the connection between diet and healthy living.

Launch of BenBanter in Singapore!

Can Asians give up Carbs?

For generations, a carb-heavy diet has been common among Asian cultures, creating a slight reluctance among Asian individuals to reduce their dietary dependence on carbohydrates. However, numerous Low Carb/Keto Facebook groups have formed in Singapore over the past 4 years, and their membership is increasing rapidly, suggesting that a change in attitudes towards low-carb diets in Singapore and elsewhere may be on the horizon.

Indeed, two Singapore retailers have recently set up Keto sections in their stores to provide customers with healthy alternatives to carbohydrate-rich foods, and more doctors are starting to talk publicly about the health benefits that a Keto diet can provide. Faced with the health consequences of heavy carbohydrate intake and given the opportunity to experience tasty alternatives to carbohydrate-rich foods, it appears more and more likely that Asians will naturally get ready to change their dietary habits as so many other cultures around the world have done.

In recent years, for example, obesity and diabetes have become huge problems in Asian countries, and the Government of Singapore is the first governmental body in the world to formally announce a “War on Diabetes." In order to live healthier lifestyles and win the war on diseases such as diabetes, it is imperative that people understand the role of carbohydrates as a causal factor in negative health outcomes that result from poor diet. In helping others to achieve healthier lifestyles, the prospects for BenBanter in Singapore are great.

What does the science say?

There is a great deal of scientific evidence suggesting that healthy diets such as Keto work and provide what is perhaps the best solution to both weight loss and disease prevention. Additionally, Keto diets are known to be effective against metabolic syndrome and other associated chronic diseases; people who are insulin resistant are intolerant of carbohydrates, for example, meaning that a diet low in carbohydrates could substantially help insulin resistant individuals lead a healthy lifestyle.

Additionally, a recent peer-reviewed study published in the United States showed that people with Type 2 diabetes who were placed on a strict low carb diet were able to improve their condition and reduce medication to the point where 60% fell into the non-diabetic range after one year. The company behind this unprecedented result is Virta Health, which was voted as the best health-tech start-up of the year in 2017.

Still another powerful study shows how quickly a Keto diet can start to reverse non-alcoholic fatty liver disease; for individuals participating in the study, it took just days to show substantial improvement in their condition.

Launch of BenBanter in Singapore!

Who is behind BenBanter?

With a long history of living and working in Singapore, Mark Myerson, a successful entrepreneur, is the brains behind BenBanter and Spinnach Holdings. In the process of transforming his own health by following a Low Carb lifestyle, Mark developed a deep understanding of the link between diet and disease, and that understanding still drives Mark in his commitment to sharing information about the health benefits of a good diet with as many people as possible.

Mark says:

"I care so much about diabetes because it turns out that the primary cause of diabetes is a poor diet, defined as a diet that includes too much sugar, refined carbohydrates, refined vegetable oil, and processed food. A Low Carb lifestyle is the answer to many of these problems. If you fix your diet, you fix diabetes."

What is the story behind the name “BenBanter”?

The name "BenBanter" is actually rooted in the history of healthy nutrition. William Banting, an obese Englishman, lived in the 1800s, and after a lifelong struggle with weight loss, Banting eventually overcame his obesity by following a strict Low Carb diet promoted to him by a forward-thinking medical professional named Dr William Harvey. So excited was Banting by the results of this diet regime that he published a pamphlet called “Letter on Corpulence” in 1863, a publication that is possibly the first popular diet book in history. The pamphlet was an immediate success that sold thousands of copies in its time, and Banting's ideas revolutionised the way that we think about the connection between health and diet.

All profits from Banting's pamphlet were donated to charitable causes, and to this day, following a Low Carb diet is still referred to as “Banting” in many countries. How strange and inspiring that we've come nearly full circle in recent years on ideas William Banting put forward more than 150 years ago! For these reasons, BenBanter is dedicated to the memory of William Banting.

Launch of BenBanter in Singapore!

So the question remains: With its many health benefits and delicious alternatives to high-carbohydrate meals and snacks, would you like to try this inspiring new brand?

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