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Maxifuel Viper Boost Gel: The Kick In Your Step!

by On Apr 18, 2013
Maxifuel Viper Boost Gel: The Kick In Your Step!

Sport Gels are an integral part of any intensive endurance sport. Marathoners use them. Triathletes use them. Long distance cyclist and swimmers use them. They are an inescapable part of any high performing athletes’ nutritional programme.

Maxifuel Viper Boost Gel: The kick in your step!

Better than the Rest!

Maxifuel Viper Boost is the best for you, because:

  1. It’s Quadcarb formula is a fast acting blend of carbohydrates that boost energy levels and sustains performance for longer periods of time.
  2. It optimises hydration levels as Maxifuel Viper Boost supplies essential electrolyte sodium.
  3. It increases focus levels as it contains 100mg high strength premium caffeine ensuring you keep your head in the game and your eye on the prize at all times.

Great Taste!

Maxifuel Viper Boost gets you into the zone and it tastes great! The smooth blend of energising liquid goes down easily unlike its counterparts that have more gel-like properties. It’s just the right size to sling on your belt or around your arm band. Perfect for the distance you’re about to conquer!

Born from Greatness!

Developed by Maximuscle, Europe's leading sports nutrition company, the Maxifuel range is committed to providing proven, safe and effective products to help you beat your best during exercise - whether you're an elite athlete or a fitness junkie.

Solid Backing!

Endorsed by Brian Cole, Great Britain’s No.1 Ultra Distance Runner & Royal Marine, this brilliant boost has elite athletes and avid runners buzzing! Grab yours online. Online orders are only sold in boxes of 24, so spread the energy around.

Maxifuel Viper Boost Gel: The kick in your step!

Where to Buy?

Alternatively, run to your nearest major bike store like Rodalink, Cannasia, T3 or Bike 360, just to name a few! Retail stores include Runner's Gait, Jean Arcade, I-Run.

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