The Fitness Grocer specialises in retailing ready-to-eat healthier snacks and food products that are made with wholesome ingredients, nutritionally-tailored to various needs and most importantly, convenient to consume. The Fitness Grocer sources from around the world to bring Singaporeans great-tasting and innovative hard-to-find nutritional snacks and food products.

From High-Protein Food to Vegan-Friendly Snacks

Research shows that good nutrition is important to our mental and physical well-being, yet today’s active and busy individuals have little time for proper nutrition and end up snacking on the wrong food. While fruits, nuts and off-the-shelf granola bars are alternatives, they are also high in sugar and fat, making them no different from junk food if consumed excessively.

The Fitness Grocer caters to every dietary need and requirement, from high-protein food to low carb alternatives to vegan-friendly snacks. In addition, many of the products offered by The Fitness Grocer are gluten-free and made with natural or organic ingredients.

Superior Ingredients with Balanced Nutrition

The Fitness Grocer starts from the premise of convenience and positive snacking. Their goal is to deliver dietary and nutritional convenience by offering a wide range of products that have superior ingredients, a more balanced nutritional profile and last but not least, taste great. Operating as an e-commerce with an easy-to-use, mobile-optimised storefront to keep operational costs low, the Fitness Grocer offers the best prices to consumers in Singapore.

The Fitness Grocer carries brands such as P28 Foods High Protein Spreads, Quest Nutrition, Rude Health, Boundless Nutrition Oatmega, In Balance INBar and more.

Whether you are an elite athlete, an individual watching his/her weight, a fitness enthusiast or simply want to indulge in something healthier, The Fitness Grocer has something for you!

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