6 Good Reasons to Start Dressing Sporty Out On The Streets

by On May 7, 2018

Sports and fashion? Seems like a good combination.

6 Reasons to Start Dressing Sporty Out On The Streets

Have you ever thought of dressing sporty out on the streets as a form of fashion? I bet you probably didn't ever thought about it before because nowadays we are all caught up in this stereotyping thing where dressing sporty is only when you are doing sports. But did you know that in this day, people are focusing more on fitness? We focus so much on what we put into our body - for example like what's in it, how much of it and what effect is it going to give, be it positive or negative. Then what about what we put ON our body?

2XU, an Australian performance sportswear brand has announced that they will be doing a collaboration with Yeezy, Kanye West-helmed fashion label. Yeezy's 'Season 7', which was shown on Kim Kardashian West's Instagram profile as a sneak peek of the collection which will soon be released to wider consumers. I'm sure you have heard the phrase - dress for success. It turns out that it is true that exercise and sports clothing does influence one's performance.

Here are the 6 reasons to start dressing sporty out on the streets.

6 Reasons to Start Dressing Sporty Out On The Streets

Photo Credit: 2XU

1. Confidence in a clothing

Have you ever heard of the phrase, the clothes that you choose to wear will make you feel confident? Well, it definitely does. The clothes you wear will make a difference to how you feel. With the right workout clothes that offers support at the right areas, it will be able to make you feel more confident!

Some people may feel confident in bright coloured clothes or even accessories but you can be confident in dressing sporty out on the streets! It's not that bad, right? Like what was said earlier, in order to feel more confident, you will need the support in the right areas if not, it'll just leave you with zero comfort and a drop in confidence.

2. Comfortable shirt equals to good performance

No one likes wearing a shirt that will make them feel uncomfortable, right? And no one will be able to perform at their best by wearing clothes that are uncomfortable to wear. But shirts that are breathable and comfortable, will be able to help boost one's confidence and make the workout sessions more bearable, hence improving one's athletic performance.

Isn't that amazing? With just clothes that make you feel breathable and comfortable, you are able to gain confidence and at the same time, improve your performance. On the other hand, if you are wearing clothes that only give you discomfort, it will only decrease your confidence level and performance.

6 Reasons to Start Dressing Sporty Out On The Streets

Photo Credit: 2XU

3. Compression shorts any time, any day

Compression shorts to go out? Well, who does that? Who would have the thought to wear compression shorts out, right? Its because we rarely see it that's the reason why there are not a lot of people who actually go out for a run wearing just compression shorts. Comparing compression shorts against normal shorts, compression shorts causes less chafing and friction as compared to normal shorts. Another reason is that compression shorts can be worn any time you want simply because they are so comfortable!

4. Proper attire leads to safety

Preventing injuries should always be at the top of the list when you are doing sports or in fact, anything! The health of your body should always come first and in order to prevent these sports-related injuries, wearing a properly fitted attire is really crucial. You wouldn't want to be wearing a non-properly fitted attire, get injured and let it interfere with your workout routine, isn't it?

Like what they always say, wearing a proper sports attire will minimise the risk of you having sports-related injuries.

6 Reasons to Start Dressing Sporty Out On The Streets

Photo Credit: 2XU

5. Importance of support

Support is extremely important but wearing the wrong kind of support doesn't do any good to you. Wearing the wrong kind of support will only restrict you on your mobility and you wouldn't want that to happen. Being able to focus on the ease of mobility, you will need the correct support. You wouldn't want to be wearing something that restricts your mobility, making you uncomfortable, right?

6. Compression's job

A lot of people swear by compression shorts, socks, tights and other garments. Compression clothing is supposed to hold the muscles firmly in place, increasing the compression to stimulate circulation, which results in a massaging effect that helps stimulates blood flow. Improving the blood flow to the muscles allows a boost in athletic performance and a speedy recovery afterward. Amazing isn't it? You get to be sporty, fashionable and at the same time improve your blood flow to your muscles.

So, would you like to get your own compression clothing and be fashionable in your own sporty way? Or do you have any other reason as to why we should start dressing sporty out on the street?

Lee Nah is a sports enthusiast who enjoys playing different kind of sports like floorball, hockey and even soccer! She personally believes in life long learning and self-development.

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