adidas Pulseboost HD Winterized: Keeping Your Feet Protected, Warm and Dry

by On Oct 18, 2019

The new Pulseboost HD Winterized is built to go up any weather, any direction and any city surface.

adidas Pulseboost HD Winterized: Keeping Your Feet Protected, Warm and Dry

As we pulse towards the monsoon race season or for some of us the winter race season, the Three Stripes cannot have chosen a better period to launch its shiny new adidas Pulseboost HD Winterized. The all-weather version of its adidas Pulseboost HD features the latest update in Boost technology where adidas has engineered Boost HD for more stability with the same unrivalled energy return and comfort. Definitely a new expression of the best.

Sitting lower to the ground, Pulseboost HD Winterized is ready for the unexpected. A sudden stop, juke or quick change in direction on a busy city street is not a problem with its renewed package of performance benefits for runners.

  • Boost HD is engineered for more stability with the same best-in-class comfort and energy return—a new expression of the best.
  • Continental™ Adaptive Traxion is a new Continental™ Rubber outsole developed by artificial intelligence, giving maximum grip to quickly change direction on any surface, dry or wet.
  • Ballistic Nylon is the water repellent treatment with warm lining and reflective materials that allows the runner to stay protected and be seen during runs on cold and wet days.

adidas Pulseboost HD Winterized: Keeping Your Feet Protected, Warm and Dry

Having read all these wonderful features on the specs sheet, how does it actually feel when taken out for a run?

The Pulseboost HD Winterized Test

What I enjoyed most with Pulseboost HD Winterized in comparison to the rest of the Boost series was the slightly stiffer material used on the upper which is complemented by the Continental™ Rubber outsole. Both really aided with quick and effortless directional switches, which was particularly useful in the avoidance of sudden appearances of annoying e-scooters or the oblivious toddler that is charging towards you.

This also means minimal sliding on wet and dry grounds as you turn, with the AI-developed Continental Adaptive Traxion outsole providing maximum grip, allowing for quick or sudden direction changes, perfectly safe for urban runners.

The Ballistic Nylon outer which doubles as a waterproof layer was also particularly useful for running during a drizzle and through random puddles on the ground. Judging by the unpredictable and fast moving rain clouds in Singapore during the monsoon season, these shoes would no doubt be useful even if you’re on a run and it starts pouring suddenly.

adidas Pulseboost HD Winterized: Keeping Your Feet Protected, Warm and Dry

Next, it is a known fact that the Boost family is famous for its amazing stability as well as energy return and not forgetting responsiveness. With Pulseboost HD Winterized sitting lower to the ground, it allowed me to run peacefully without the fear of injuring my accident-prone ankles.

In terms of energy return, personally I feel that they provided great rebound in every stride thus I sincerely believe it will not disappoint both serious and recreational runners.

As the fashion world looks towards the Athleisure trend, the modish grey and neon pink or even the sleek black with neon yellow lines makes the pair of running trainers fashionably versatile. Whether you’re in your gym outfits or pairing it with jeans or shorts, you are guaranteed a pretty chic and fashion forward look.

I am also impressed by the thought process put into the design of the shoes. This includes the slightly wider and higher (but not too high) pull tabs at the back of the shoes which makes wearing unbelievably easy and blister free. Need a running playlist to accompany your run? Fret not because similar to the Pulseboost HD, Pulseboost HD Winterized also comes with a unique Spotify playlist, accessible by scanning the QR code on the tongue of the shoes.

The only downside is the warm lining which kept my feet a tad bit too warm during my day-to-day training in tropical Singapore. This feature will definitely come in handy if you’re headed to a temperate country during the cooler seasons though – so it’s one to accompany you on your runs even while on holiday overseas.

In summary, make the waterproof adidas Pulseboost HD Winterized your go-to jogging trainers and you will not be disappointed especially for the cold or wet seasons. It is comfy, keeps your feet warm, looks good and has decent technical features to suit most recreational runners even the serious ones.

adidas Pulseboost HD Winterized: Keeping Your Feet Protected, Warm and Dry

Runner's Boon

  • Fabulous for winter races
  • The water repellent ballistic nylon of the shoes keeps my feet protected, warm and dry even when I tackled the puddle of water on the streets
  • Excellent grip
  • Great energy return
  • Double up as fashionable sneakers
  • Performance: 4.5/5

Runner's Bane

  • Slightly warm for tropical weather's day-to-day training

Where to Buy the adidas Pulseboost HD Winterized shoes?

The Pulseboost HD Winterized shoes is available now for $200 in the following adidas stores: Suntec City, Vivocity, Bugis Junction, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, Paragon, Ion Orchard, adidas online store.

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