Adidas Unleashes Explosive Energy With Springblade

by On Jan 27, 2014
Adidas Unleashes Explosive Energy With Springblade

adidas introduces Springblade, the first running shoe with individually tuned blades engineered to help propel runners forward with one of the most effective energy returns.

Unlike standard EVA midsoles that deliver energy return in a vertical direction, Springblade features 16 forward angled blades made out of a high-tech polymer.

The highly elastic blades instantaneously react to any environment, compressing and releasing energy to create an efficient push-off that feels like you have springs under your feet.

Designed to Deliver Explosive Energy

Each blade is precisely tuned in geometry, thickness and position for each phase of a runner’s stride to provide support and a full range of movement. Additionally, Springblade’s flexible construction was designed to hug the top of a runner’s foot, locking it in to harness the energy returned from the springs on the outsole.

James Carnes explains the design ideas behind the Springblade:

“Every aspect of Springblade is engineered to reflect extensive athlete insights to help make them better. For design inspiration, we drew upon everyday objects that deliver explosive energy return – everything from springboards to pole vaults and motorcycle suspensions.”

Maximum Durability

The aIT (adidas Innovation Team) tested hundreds of materials to ensure each spring produced maximum energy efficiency with every step and conducted rigorous ballistics tests to maintain long-lasting durability.

For top performance in all environments, Springblade is 7 times more temperature resistant than shoes with adidas’ standard EVA cushioning.

Where To Buy?

Coming in pink for women and green for men, the Springblade retails for S$249 at adidas ION, adidas Paragon, adidas at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, the adidas online store, Limited Edition Vault at 313@Somerset as well as I-Run at Queensway Shopping Centre.

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