ASICS Dynamis Running Shoes: They Invoke My Inner Warrior!

by On Oct 2, 2017

ASICS introduced a shoe that reminds me and other women that not all gladiators were men! I already run in the footsteps brave women; now I run like a warrior in my grey Dynamis running shoes, too.

ASICS Dynamis Running Shoes: They Invoke My Inner Warrior!

Every woman has a favourite history genre. Mine is Viking lore. I'm fascinated by Shield Maidens who fought and plundered alongside their men. That got me thinking: Surely there were female gladiators in Rome and Greece—and to my surprise, I researched the topic and learned that gladiator women competed in both societies.

Why is this topic of interest to me? Because I've always been competitive, which is why running proved to be the ideal sport for my personality. But my running shoe experience hasn't been as smooth.

I tried different brands and found them acceptable, but I wanted more. That's when I acquired my first pair of ASICS kicks. Imagine my delight when I learned the company's latest style is named Dynamis, an ancient Greek word that stands for heart, drive, spirit and will to win. Perfect.

Could a shoe style have a more compelling name for those of us who already run like Amazon and Achilia (two of the most famous female gladiators of all time)? I think not! Those two were so successful, they were banned by emperor Septimius Severus from competing in 200 AD. He believed that women should stay home and raise kids. I beg to disagree. Women are born to run. As long as we wear shoes that help us fly.

ASICS Dynamis Running Shoes: They Invoke My Inner Warrior!

Runner's Boon

  1. The premium FlyteFoam midsole made a noticeable difference in the way I ran from the get-go.
  2. The Dynamis is so lightweight, I could feel an immediate difference accelerating on several types of surface.
  3. Thanks to neutral pronation design, this shoe helps me distribute my weight with every footfall.
  4. This shoe has a soul and a sole! Guidance Line Vertical flex grooves improve my gait while the Trussic System adds structural support and cushioning courtesy of ASICS’ proprietary high abrasion rubber.
  5. The sock liner is removable, manages moisture proficiently and my feet can breathe when I run.

ASICS Dynamis Running Shoes: They Invoke My Inner Warrior!

Runner's Bane

  1. ASICS: Why have me fall in love with these running shoes and then advise me that this is a limited edition? Don't you know that you could cause "a run" on this model if women think they won't be around very long?
  2. Not everyone requires extra room in the box or the removable sock liner I believe was added to this shoe to attract women who can't run comfortably without orthotics.
  3. How light is too light? The question is debatable for some women who worry about support issues.
  4. I'm not sure even feisty warrior women will care about having a lifetime guarantee on the laces; we'd rather have a lifetime guarantee on the shoes!
  5. I spoke to a sister runner who told me that she was so disappointed after trying to run in Dynamis shoes, she has relegated them to street-wear and is sticking with an older pair of ASICS shoes for runs and competitions.

ASICS Dynamis Running Shoes: They Invoke My Inner Warrior!

My conclusion

Because my feet fell in love with the grey pair of size 9 Dynamis shoes from the moment I put them on—and because the warrior woman within me was intrigued by innovations that noticeably improved my level of comfort and performance—I am disposed to write wonderful things about these shoes, making sure I include feedback from women who aren't as enamoured of the Dynamis as I happen to be.

My biggest concern is that not everyone who bought these shoes likes to run in them! That would never describe me, but I'm putting it out there for my running sisters who aren't shy about demanding perfection when they invest in their running gear.

My recommendations? Try them on. Think about your objective. If you come to the same conclusions I did—that the Dynamis is designed to be my go-to running shoes until the day they wear out—I'll see you on the track!

Are you of the opinion that inside every woman lurks a female warrior or do you believe that biology is destiny and only guys are qualified to fit this description?

The Dynamis retains for S$229 at ASICS stores and select sporting goods retailers.

Alica is a millennial and is currently working towards an MBA with an emphasis in running if there is even one. A coffee-drinker and world explorer who is always making fun of herself.

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