Columbia Ravenous Omni-Tech: Sturdy and All Climate Ready

by On Oct 10, 2011
Columbia Ravenous Omni-Tech: Sturdy and All Climate Ready

There aren’t many trail fittings out there that have the ability to weather any type of terrain when it comes to off-road running. In temperate climates, winter usually presents a seasonal deterrent especially when melting ice starts to seep into a runner’s shoes – adding weight and discomfort. The same goes for tropical climates, particularly during the mid and end-year monsoon season (in Asia) where excessive rainfall starts to create mud-logs along outdoor trails.

Columbia Sportswear has taken into consideration the nitty-grits of these factors and infused some worthy improvements into its previous Ravenous shoe make – already a resounding success having received numerous accolades from the trail running community. The result has been the Ravenous Omni-Tech. So you might be wondering what in the world is Omni-Tech®? We’re sure you’ve heard of Gore-Tex® technology. Omni-Tech® functions almost similarly. Its microporous membranes prevent water from penetrating the shoe’s fabric while allowing perspiration to escape. The fact that these membranes are 100 percent breathable probably gives it an edge too.

Ravenous Omni Tech Men

Columbia Ravenous Omni-Tech in 'Grapeleaf/Black' (Men)

That’s not the end of Omni-Tech® though. Sitting on the membrane is a coated fabric called Omni-Shield®. Explaining it is simple. Dig your shoe into a puddle of mud and in most cases, you’d probably have to put it straight into the bin. Unsalvageable isn’t it? Omni-Shield® actually resists the absorption of liquids into yards, counteracting garment staining in the process. Give your shoe a good rinse and you’ll find most of the mud washes off easily.

The Ravenous Omni-Tech has a midsole that’s comprised of Techlite®, a durable, impact absorbing, and an ideal material for consistent support and protection. It is a closed-cell compound, naturally anti-microbial, easy to care for, and odour-resistant.

Ravenous Omni Tech Women

Columbia Ravenous Omni-Tech in 'Violet' (Women)

Also, the shoe’s Omni-Grip® outsole offers unmatched traction in all sorts of environments. Columbia has constructed multidirectional digging zones, dual-zone winter tread patterns, and special hiking grooves, making it one of the most versatile trail outsoles in the market.

Together with Columbia’s Contour Comfort® 1D single-density EVA footbed, AgION® anti-odour treatment, and low profile geometry, we say the Ravenous Omni-Tech packs everything you could ask for in a trail shoe. It weighs in at 340g (US 9.5) for Men and 330g (US 7.5) for Women.

The Columbia Ravenous Omni-Tech is currently available at selected World of Sports stores and authorised dealers. Retail Price: S$199

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