CoolCore Helps Runners Step Up Their Game

by On Mar 10, 2013
CoolCore Helps Runners Step Up Their Game

Being aware of your body temperature can be critical to one's success during a race. Your body will use more energy trying to maintain its core temperature in high humidity and temperature. If you actively help maintain your body’s temperature, that energy can be applied to the effort of the race, instead of using the energy to heat or cool your body.

Apart from keeping hydrated to cool the body, CoolCore’s exceptional technology provides the solution to dispel any heat discomfort. It converts the moisture from your body into a cooling system that will keep you cool so that you can perform to the best of your ability.



This unique fabric derives its 3 cooling functions from its construction, which comprises within a single layer.

  1. Multiplicity of fibers that create a capillary system.
  2. Wicking away moisture from the skin, circulating the moisture throughout the entire garment.
  3. Regulating the rate of evaporation before releasing the molecules into the atmosphere.

CoolCore Helps Runners Step Up Their Game

Earth-Friendly Performance Fabrics

CoolCore’s technology is free of chemicals, polymers, gels, crystals or phase changing materials. The fibers used to create this technology are all biologically safe and hypoallergenic. CoolCore fabrics are anti-microbial and anti-bacterial.

Fabric Technology Explained

Single Ply, Three Layers

  • X-Change Wicking
  • Controlled moisture transport from skin to Syphon-X layer.

Syphon-X Circulation

  • Measured circulation of moisture and vapor molecules throughout the entire fabric construction.
  • Eliminates saturation and creates a “dri-touch” feeling on the skin.

Re-Vap Regulation

  • Evaporates moisture from the Syphon-X layer to the atmosphere to regulate the cooling effect.

CoolCore Helps Runners Step Up Their Game

CoolCore Helps Runners Step Up Their Game

Measures approximately 20cm by 100cm; Price: $21.90

Where to buy?

CoolCore products are available at Isetan Scotts golf department level 3 and Takashimaya golf department level 4 (Singapore).

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