Every running shoe on the market is introduced to the public as the best, the sexiest, the prettiest and the most high-performance footwear to hit the market since competitive runners stopped running barefoot, but a new era has dawned: Athletic shoe manufacturer Merrell has found a way to infuse its new library of running shoes with motivational promises.

Sound a bit futuristic? It is. After all, no shoe has come along offering to help runners achieve both running and motivational goals, but that’s exactly what you can expect if you invest in a pair of the newest and most intriguing styles: Merrell Capra Sport shoes or Capra Sport GORE-TEX running shoes. Invest? The word is used intentionally, because just as you invest hopes and dreams in the outcome of a race, so you invest yourself in the fitness movement that helps you achieve unlimited personal goals throughout your life.

Translating positive aspirations into a new shoe collection has been a unique labor of love for both Merrell and RSH Limited, the high-profile, pan-Asian company equally excited about getting these innovative new shoes on store shelves very soon!

Martin Dean, Merrell’s creative director, has already encountered quizzical looks from people who can’t conceive of a shoe that motivates wearers to achieve personal goals, but he’s convinced the shoes will convert naysayers after they try them on and run in them.

“When we talk about the trail, it means much more [to runners] than a destination. It’s our inspiration,” Dean says, citing nature, creativity and the successful pursuit of answers to life’s most complex questions that can be found just by spending more time outdoors.

“We believe our customers will climb higher, forge newer trails, challenge themselves to undertake the steepest ascents and we look forward to watching new customers tell us about the confidence and wisdom they gain as a direct result of wearing any of the 2015 Capra Sport shoes being introduced in May.”

Happily, these shoes aren’t just about aspirations and goal-reaching. Agile designs are scientifically engineered to help runners accomplish challenges that may heretofore have eluded them. Designers point to the Vibran MegaGrip outsole that’s inspired by the animal planet’s most nimble creatures, mountain goats, and the Capra offers unprecedented traction that mimics the feel mountain climbers experience when they scale great heights.

Climb and Run Like an Animal

Weather? Bring it on! Even in the most extreme weather conditions, men’s and women’s Capra Sport running shoes are ready to handle everything Mother Nature throws their way. The shoes are designed for all aspects of the foot thanks to a UniFly midsole cushioning that’s deep at the heel and thinner at the toe for super agility.

A collaboration with industry great GORE-TEX has resulted in a revolutionary waterproofed shoe in the Capra collection that’s available either as a mid- or low-height style, but either Capra Sport shoe is guaranteed to be ready to tackle the most extreme trails and pavement courtesy of the lace-to-toe design.

“All of the Capra Sport shoes are destined to revolutionise the way people look at their running shoes and the way they view their leisure time,” said Dean.

“If offered a choice, wouldn’t you pick the shoe designed with the whole person in mind rather than a shoe that focuses solely on runner’s feet? Merrell is committed to the whole runner, which is why we are delighted to introduce what we consider this new wave of running shoe design.”

Hidden within this new shoe introduction is a large measure of the Merrell corporate culture. For three decades, staff have tested gear during personal workouts, so there is no shortage of honest feedback, particularly when new shoes debut. Philanthropic movements within the corporate culture bring people together on multiple levels, so when employees were asked what they thought about introducing the Merrell Capra Sport line as “the shoe that motivates the wearer,” they couldn’t agree more.

Just because lifestyle and shoe design are prioritised, the Capra Sport shoe collection is no stranger to fashion. Check out the shoes on the Merrell website to see the line’s signature black colour base that’s infused with splashes of orange, red, lime, teal and grey all the way down to those traction-loving soles.

Coming To Singapore

Merrell Capra Sport GORE-TEX, Retail Price: S$189

Both men’s and women’s styles are ready to make their debut to a waiting public on 15th May, so if you are eager to try on a pair before they start flying off retailer shelves, shop Royal Sporting House & Stadium stores (except Lucky Plaza), Bukit Panjang Plaza and Outlet stores (Alexandra Retail Centre, Changi City Point, Centrepoint, Lot 1) or the Merrell website to claim a pair for yourself.

The price? Just S$189. Imagine yourself feeling motivated, comfortable, powerful and fashionable, all at the same time, thanks to Capra Sports shoes that modestly urge every runner to get out and discover a joy and zest that’s within everyone’s reach. What other running shoe can make that claim?

Aidan H.

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