Jabra Unveils Wireless Sports Earbuds: Jabra Elite Sport

by On Dec 12, 2016

Delivering the most complete wireless experience for users.

Jabra Unveils Wireless Sports Earbuds: Jabra Elite Sport

Jabra, a leader in a broad range of communications and sound solutions, has unveiled the Jabra Elite Sport, its first true wireless sports earbuds packed with innovations in audio technology and fitness features. It is the first product of the premium Elite franchise to be released.

René Svendsen-Tune, CEO of Jabra said,

“What truly excites me about our first true wireless earbuds is that they offer an experience that only Jabra can bring-to-life. We’ve used our R&D expertise from across the GN Group to deliver not just the most technically advanced true wireless sports earbuds, but actually the most complete cord-free experience for our customers. Jabra Elite Sport is an example of an intelligent sound solution that delivers calls and music very well, and does so much more besides”.

True Wireless for Complete Freedom

The Jabra Elite Sport delivers a cord-free audio experience, with outstanding stereo sound for calls and music, as well as full sports functionality. Provided with three ear gels, three sizes of ear foams and three wingtips, users are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding the best fit for their ears.

Active users no longer have to worry about an earbud slipping out at the wrong time during an intensive workout session with these incredibly light and ultra-secure earbuds.

Jabra Unveils Wireless Sports Earbuds: Jabra Elite Sport

Superior Audio Quality with Noise Cancellation Function

The Elite Sport features two microphones in each earbud, where the first microphone picks up your voice and the second picks up external noises.

The design of the Jabra Elite Sport allows users to toggle between the earbuds receiving the least noise, as well as to remove the background noise by differentiating the separate feeds it receives on each ear bud. It leaves only the crystal-clear clarity of your voice in any environment.

Medical Grade Credentials

Being pioneers in sound from sports earbuds to hearing aids, Jabra (as part of the GN Group) has used its unique understanding of high-quality sound in the development of Jabra Elite Sport.

Collaborating with engineers from ReSound, a specialist in medical grade sound solutions and a world leader in Smart Hearing Aids, the creation of Jabra Elite Sport draws on more than 145 years of experience in hearing innovation and fit.

Jabra Unveils Wireless Sports Earbuds: Jabra Elite Sport

Awareness Even When Plugged In

When activated, the Elite Sport’s HearThrough technology allows the in-ear speakers to recreate ambient sounds, ensuring that runners are aware of their surroundings including any incoming potential dangers, while plugged in.

Seamless Transition between Mono and Stereo

The Elite Sport provides users flexible wearing options with two individual earbuds. Users have the option of using a singular earbud for mono playback and calls through its primary (right) earbud, which communicates directly to the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth.

The secondary (left) earbud, connects to the primary earbud via near field magnetic induction, which automatically reconnects when both earbuds are placed within 25 cm of each other, allowing for a seamless transition between conversation and stereo music.

Perfect for Fitness Enthusiasts

Similar to the Jabra Sport Pulse model, the Jabra Elite Sport earbuds include an in-ear heart-rate sensor, which provides advanced heart rate analysis and readings with more than 90% accuracy.

Through its integrated app - Jabra Sport Life app, users can be treated to an integrated training management experience, be able to gauge their personal fitness level via their VO2 Max measurement, as well as track and plan their workouts for maximum efficiency and improve their fitness levels via the built-in real time audio coaching.

Fitness enthusiasts can also utilize the recovery advisor and race predictor functions in the app.

In addition, the Elite Sport earbuds are sweat proof and come with an IP67-certified waterproof rating. The earbuds have been tested to work for at least 30 minutes whilst submerged in up to three feet of water, making it the perfect fitness earbuds to use under any weather and training conditions.

Jabra Unveils Wireless Sports Earbuds: Jabra Elite Sport

Long Lasting Battery Life

The Jabra Elite Sport is one of the longest lasting true wireless earbuds today, with three hours of talk and music battery life per charge. The portable carrying case that comes along with the earbuds provides an additional six hours of battery once the earbuds are stored in it.

Major Operating Systems are Supported

The Elite Sport supports all major smartphone operating systems with Bluetooth, and its performance tracking and fitness apps are available on both Android and iOS devices.

Three-Year Warranty

As a training partner, the Elite Sport provides additional assurance to users with a three-year extended warranty against any sweat-related damage in Singapore, the longest of any true wireless headsets.

Pricing and Availability

The Jabra Elite Sport is now available at the following selected retailers and Jabra resellers in Singapore, at a retail price of SG$368:

  • Challenger
  • Harvey Norman
  • Best Denki
  • Nubox
  • Stereo
  • Connect IT
  • Lazada (Online - Preorder only)

Find out more about the Jabra Elite Sport.

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