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Need a Coach That Won’t Let You Slack Off? “Hire” the Jabra Sport Coach SE

by On Nov 3, 2016

You could be tempted to fire your personal trainer once you find out how dynamic the new Jabra Sport Coach SE audio device and coordinated Sport Life app are.

Need a Coach That Won’t Let You Slack Off? “Hire” the Jabra Sport Coach SE

Do you believe the phrase that there can't be too much of a good thing? Designers working for Denmark-based Jabra must keep this philosophy perpetually in mind because they’ve recently introduced a new and improved version of the Jabra Sport Coach and have added the tag “Special Edition” so brand fans know that this is no ordinary line extension.

Based on the premise that a company owes it to its market to continue to refine even those products that are already successful, Jabra continues its corporate mission to make good products better. If you are already impressed by the brand, the introduction of this Special Edition may thrill you.

Technology as usual?

You may know that Jabra is a pioneer, having introduced the world’s first sports headphones with automatic, continuous fitness testing features that attest to the advanced nature of this audio device.

The Coach SE has been optimised for use by athletes who may be directionless when it comes to maintaining a proper programme out of habit or because they’ve had less-than-rigorous instruction about effective workout routines.

Hook yourself up with the Jabra Sport Coach SE, and programmed controls take over to keep you on your game: respond to automatic repetition counting provided by the TrackFit motion sensor, track your VO2 Max levels in real time and take advantage of the Jabra Sport Life app that functions as your fitness control center, giving you unprecedented in-ear coaching. Will you get your money’s worth if you choose the Coach SE over competitors?

According to brand fans, SGD 198 is a small price to pay for the features this product delivers.

Need a Coach That Won’t Let You Slack Off? “Hire” the Jabra Sport Coach SE

Does fit matter?

Of course it does. And were you to compile a list of complaints filed by dissatisfied ear bud wearers, it’s likely that fit is somewhere near the top. Jabra engineers actually listen to complaints from consumers and seek to rectify them, which is how they came up with COMPLY Foam Tips that may be tiny but they’re mighty.

In addition to a comfortable fit, they deliver on passive noise cancellation and boost the bass for music lovers who require a downbeat to stay properly motivated while they exercise.

Of course, you may be thinking, but my problem is neither bass nor fit—I’m just sick of sweating so much my expensive buds fly out of my ears. You can kiss this worst-case-scenario goodbye because Coach SE owners not only qualify for a standard one-year product warranty, but there’s a two-year warranty against sweat-related problems that alone could convince you to stop shopping for earbuds--these aren’t going anywhere, no matter how much you perspire!

Need a Coach That Won’t Let You Slack Off? “Hire” the Jabra Sport Coach SE

The app for athletes of all skill levels

Take a moment to consider how apps have impacted your life! They act as guides, taking us to places we frequent and keeping tabs on our lifestyles to save time, money and stress. Given the importance of apps, you can fully appreciate the invention of Jabra’s Sport Life app because it’s designed to play multiple roles in your long-range plan to get and stay fit.

The Sport Life app is intuitive; everything synchronises effortlessly as you work out and receive feedback on the fly.

Further, the aforementioned TrackFit motion sensor monitors your movements, feeds the numbers to the application and your repetitions are counted and reported, at which point, you’re instructed to move on to the next sequence of exercises.

There are 10 standard exercises in all and include burpees, push-ups, lunges and other conditioning moves recommended by professional fitness experts. Will it get you to the gym? That you’ll have to do on your own, but once you’re there, your coach kicks in!

Need a Coach That Won’t Let You Slack Off? “Hire” the Jabra Sport Coach SE

Of sounds, sights and performance

Once you start depending upon your Sport Life app to keep you on the right track during your gym time, you can enjoy other features that help the Jabra Sport Coach SE stand head and shoulders above competitor devices.

The quality of sound you experience is sharp, clear and vibrant enough to help you get through those last exercises on your playlist without quitting early. You won't have to keep shouting "speak louder" when using your device to chat, either.

If you belong to the “it’s all about the bass” crowd, you’re in for a treat because this audio device is made for music that’s got a wildly-infectious beat.

Since the device stays snug, you won’t miss a word of the lyrics you’re trying to memorise, and you can take the Sport Coach Special Edition outside without a second thought because it’s been subjected to U.S. military testing and standards, so even if the heavens burst while you’re on the run, neither rain nor wind will impact performance or durability.

Need a Coach That Won’t Let You Slack Off? “Hire” the Jabra Sport Coach SE

Yes, the Sport Coach looks out for your health, too

You’re down with the music. You adore the fit. Your gym workout has become a favourite part of your day thanks to the Sports Life app that takes you through your complete routine. But how will your health benefit from wearing these sports headsets? Because they’re programmed to keep tabs on your heart.

An earlier mention of the automatic VO2Max fitness testing feature is just the beginning of the health benefits the Coach SE delivers. Stay apprised of your heart rate via the device’s in-ear biometric monitor and base your health plan on that rate. Always know what your resting and orthostatic heart rate numbers are, and enjoy knowing that battery life won’t push up your heartbeat rate out of frustration.

This lightweight, sturdy device keeps functioning for up to 5.5 hours of talk/music time and 10 days of standby time before the juice runs out. There’s only one danger the Coach SE presents: You could come to trust it more than your human coaches!

Pricing and availability:

The Jabra Sport Coach Special Edition (SGD 198) is available in selected retailers in Singapore.

If you could add one feature that’s not currently being offered by the Jabra Sport Coach SE, what would it be and how would you use it?

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