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New Saucony Freedom ISO: This Shoe is as Close to Perfection as it Gets!

by On Mar 29, 2017

The Saucony Freedom ISO athletic shoe pairs tradition with modernity to deliver a run that’s unlike anything athletes have experienced in the past.

New Saucony Freedom ISO: This Shoe is as Close to Perfection as it Gets!

There’s a reason the Saucony brand has become the darling of the international running scene: when the company introduces a new style, no effort is spared to make certain it’s a cut above the competition and an improved version of the athletic shoes the firm has produced in the past.

To make certain shoppers understand that Saucony prioritises shoppers over commerce, campaigns like the one jumpstarted to introduce the Saucony Freedom ISO to a crowded market poses people-focused questions like: How far could your next run take you?

The answer, of course, is “as far as your body, ambition and dreams allow.” Signature features are so new and different, even brandy loyalists will be thrilled the moment they try on a pair.

A respected pedigree

For runners who like their technological advances to be accompanied by a taste of old world nostalgia, learning that Saucony shoemakers have been around since 1898 tends to make shoppers feel confident and respectful.

The company has invented, trademarked and patented so many clever designs and features, it’s become a standard bearer for the industry and a global lifestyle brand. But teamwork is also imbedded in Saucony messaging courtesy of themes like,

At Saucony, a good day is when we get to run. A great day is when we inspire someone else to run.

New Saucony Freedom ISO: This Shoe is as Close to Perfection as it Gets!

The painstaking creation and development process

When the first one-dimensional version of the original Freedom ISO shoe design came off the drawing board at Saucony headquarters, staffers say the excitement was palpable.

Once sketches were approved, the new style was modeled in 3D and fabricated for testing purposes. Multiple refinements and changes were made to reach a final stage at which the shoe simply couldn’t be improved any further.

One of the most compelling features immediately noted by testers is the shoe’s proprietary Everun® Cushioning. The secret behind Everun? Expanded TPU beads are used in the construction process rather than traditional solid materials.

This advance alone makes a dramatic difference in the feel and the performance of the Freedom ISO.

Features and benefits athletes need and want

Slide on a pair of Saucony Freedom ISO running shoes and if you don’t notice a difference immediately, you’ll be the exception to the rule! Wearers agree that from the moment they step off for a test run, they sense an underfoot energy that triggers consistency of movement, superior energy return and spirited performance, no matter how long that run happens to be.

The secret behind this confluence of benefits is, of course, what we like to call “The Everun Difference,” a factor that already proved itself unparalleled in early Saucony models like the Triumph ISO, Guide, Hurricane ISO2 and Guide 9.

Did runners notice the change in their strides with each iteration? You bet. And the Freedom ISO represents a new pinnacle in comfort and performance.

But the Everun Difference extends past the innovative material: the Freedom ISO also features the first ever full-length Everun midsole designed for greater energy return triggered by the fluid cushioning in that area.

This topsole shape was rethought by design engineers: It’s 3mm of protection situated just below the sockliner. Streamlined fit? Of course. Freedom ISO wearers swear their shoes feel like they were custom-made just for their feet.

New Saucony Freedom ISO: This Shoe is as Close to Perfection as it Gets!

A shoe with a mission

If you wonder how shoes get their names, the explanation is as clever as equating the process with parents naming babies! In the case of the Freedom ISO, designers were intent upon producing a shoe that paired the past with the future in keeping with Saucony’s mission. The first Freedom Trainer debuted in 1983 and was immediately dubbed “the future of running footwear.”

Fast forward 30 years and there was literally no discussion among those responsible for picking a name: The new style's name had to include Freedom—for both symbolic and historic reasons.

For runners familiar with (and in some cases devoted to) the Saucony brand, the Freedom ISO symbolises innovation and creative thinking; in other words, it's the most technologically-advanced shoe on the market.

New Saucony Freedom ISO: This Shoe is as Close to Perfection as it Gets!

New Saucony Freedom ISO: This Shoe is as Close to Perfection as it Gets!

New Saucony Freedom ISO: This Shoe is as Close to Perfection as it Gets!

New Saucony Freedom ISO: This Shoe is as Close to Perfection as it Gets!

New Saucony Freedom ISO: This Shoe is as Close to Perfection as it Gets!

What can runners expect if they purchase Freedom ISOs?

For starters, the feeling of euphoria that makes wearers feel they could keep going forever—out there in the fresh air, feeling the wind and enveloped by the moment. Every athletic shoe manufacturer promises a unique experience when ushering in a new shoe design like the Freedom ISO. But it takes a brand like Saucony to make good on that promise!

As you shop, ask yourself these questions:

What is there about the Saucony brand that compels runners around the world to become faithful customers? Is it the ongoing research and technology that drives the company forward or the lightening performance each new iteration of Saucony athletic shoes offers runners who refuse to settle for less?

The Freedom ISO priced at S$199 is currently available at Royal Sporting House stores island-wide. To find a store near you, visit here.

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