New Saucony Ride ISO: It’s a Performance and Style Shoe-In!

by On Oct 26, 2018

Do you know the meaning of the expression “shoo-in”? This figure of speech referenced horse race finishes that were rigged! Over time, shoo-in has gained respectability and it’s used to explain why some winners can be predicted. Saucony’s Ride ISO is most definitely a shoe-in in our opinions.

New Saucony Ride ISO: It’s a Performance and Style Shoe-In!

As anyone who's competed in a race or tried to beat a personal record can attest to, there's a lot more involved in running than intelligent training and optimal physical condition. When the human body is pushed to the limit in a speed-based competition, even well-prepared runners must dig deep to cross the finish line. Furthermore, each and every advantage a runner has will help him or her to finish—including his or her gear and equipment.

Specifically, a runner's shoes can, over the course of a race, determine how quickly the feet strike the ground, how the feet feel when they hit the ground, and overall, how fast the corresponding athlete can move. Ride ISO is a new and exciting shoe from Saucony, a world-renowned footwear designer, that's quickly become a favorite amongst athletes, as demonstrated by its explosive 2018 sales figures.

Ride ISO's tremendous success and overwhelmingly positive reviews beg the question: How does a shoe stand out in today's crowded footwear marketplace? The answer, it seems, is by prioritising a dynamic connection between the road and the runner while the design is in its early stages, and then testing and improving upon this design with runners and their unique needs guiding the process. To be sure, the Ride ISO is made by runners, for runners, and its official slogan is indicative of its tailor-made nature:

"It's not for everyone. It's just for every runner."

New Saucony Ride ISO: It’s a Performance and Style Shoe-In!

Are you that runner?

You could be if you trust this brand to help take your game to the next level, both because of the Ride ISO's once again excellent reviews and Saucony's history of offering innovative athletic footwear.

Furthermore, the Ride ISO is more than the latest in style and structure from a company that unapologetically aims to produce state-of-the-art products. Ride ISO owners can expect quite a few benefits and perks from the shoe. Consider the following:

  • The Ride ISO introduces the ISOFIT™ lacing system, which custom-adjusts shoelaces to a wearer's feet and running style.
  • Construction is unprecedented, mixing an EVERUN™ layer with POWERFOAM™ midsole to provide protection from wear and tear and cumulative pushback.
  • Designers factored-in stride mechanics and surface abnormalities when testing to develop this intuitive shoe.
  • Saucony has maximized comfort by adding more stretch fibers to the ISOFIT system.
  • While EVA is standard for competing running shoes, the Ride ISO comes with 50% more cushioning, resulting in greater resiliency and durability than previous variations.

New Saucony Ride ISO: It’s a Performance and Style Shoe-In!

There’s a clinic for you, too

Contrasting other athletic shoe manufacturers, Saucony goes above and beyond to understand customers and help them to run at their best—to aid their bodies to perform. To be sure, besides creating industry-leading shoes and gear, Saucony sponsors numerous expert-led running clinics.

The first running clinic is scheduled to be held at Royal Sporting House @ Vivocity on 11 November 2018 and will be facilitated by SSTAR.Fitness's Head Coach Andrew Cheong. Participants should be prepared to pick-up some fantastic bits of knowledge.

As the clinic is about learning and improving (beginners and experience runners alike are welcome), you should come with an earning heart.

At the clinic, Coach Cheong, an accomplished competitive runner and trainer, will teach you about building endurance, sharpening mental stamina, and staying injury-free. Coach Cheong's renowned expertise and attention to detail will guarantee that you perform at 100% during your next race or competition.

For S$99, you are able to attend the running clinic and put the Ride ISO to a test. The fee include:

    A slot to the Saucony Running Clinic led by Coach Andrew

  • A pair of the Saucony Ride ISO running shoes (RRP: $159.00) - Men/Women, 3 colours available
  • A Saucony Branded T-Shirt
  • A Water Bottle
  • A Drawstring Bag
  • A Nutrition Bar by MULEBAR
  • Voucher for Saucony purchases (20% off)
  • An Isotonic Drink

There will also be light bites and drinks provided as well not forgetting lot of fun. However, there are only 25 slots available hence it's on a first-come, first-served basis.

Sponsor: Mulebar

Mulebar Sponsor

Named after the base camp of Anconcagua, La Plaza de Mulas, the Mulebar story began in 2002. This was when two extreme sport and enthusiastic adventurers were forced to abort their climb to this highest peak in the Andes Mountains due to serious gastrointestinal issues. It was at this very moment when Alex and Jimmy realised that there was no great tasting energy bar that contained 100% natural ingredients and high caloric content.

Immediately upon their return, they devoted their time into the creation of their products. Alex and Jimmy quickly grew a fan base that included their sporty friends as well as cyclists, mountain bikers, trail runners, runners, climbers and that list continues to grow everyday!

New Saucony Ride ISO: It’s a Performance and Style Shoe-In!

Try it for fit. Buy it for looks.

Engineering covers every nuance of construction and material composition, from deciding to use an eight millimeter heel-to-toe offset to addressing the dynamic of impact. And because Saucony employed a bottom-to-top development process, wherein the Ride ISO was contributed to step-by-step by a multitude of professionals, the shoe even features tendon-protecting benefits and range-of-motion improvements. Additionally, custom-crafted mesh comprises the Ride ISO and assures that it'll hold up through many hard miles.

As a (significant) side note, the Ride ISO doesn't come in heavy to accomplish all of the aforementioned feats: the men's version of shoe weighs nine and seven-tenths ounces, and the women's version weighs just eight and a half ounces. Your feet won't be weighed down in any way, shape, or form with the Ride ISO.

In conclusion, the Ride ISO is cutting-edge in every conceivable way. The shoe looks great, helps runners get an edge on the competition, and is designed to deliver its benefits for substantial periods of time. Serious runners can feel better and save money that would have been wasted on lesser footwear by investing in Ride ISO.

Take a step towards running at your best tomorrow by joining team Ride ISO and team Saucony today.

The Ride ISO is available in Royal Sporting House stores at S$159. The Ride ISO will be available in men’s sizes 7-13, 14 and 15, and women’s sizes 5-12, and will be available in width options.

To find a retailer near you, visit here.

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