When British Journal of Sports Medicine experts evaluated 100 years of running shoe history, researchers found dramatic changes – and not all of them were positive.

Evidence revealed that a large percentage of running injuries over the past 40 years resulted from ill-fitting, poorly constructed and/or deteriorating footwear. This news is both anecdotal and frightening.

How responsible are runners for their own injuries as a direct result of being careless about the running shoes they choose? Dramatically so.

For these reasons and more, Skechers has committed to innovating shoe architecture that pairs comfort and responsiveness with each new product introduction.

The company’s new running shoes—Skechers GOrun 8 and GOrun Ride 9—provide better responsiveness, stability and durability to help you go the distance in unparalleled comfort and efficiency.

Why comfort and responsiveness are critical

Researchers undertaking the aforementioned study concluded that their outcomes “suggest that a runner intuitively selects a comfortable product using their own comfort filter that allows them to remain in the preferred movement path.”

Lesson learned? Don’t discount the importance of comfort and responsiveness when choosing a new pair of running shoes or you risk upping the ante when it comes to injuries.

New Skechers running shoes

The recent introduction of the GOrun collection, namely GOrun Ride 9, GOrun 8, GOrun Maxroad 5, and GOrun Forza 5, for men and women represent a new era in footwear engineered to empower your run with more efficiency, stability and comfort.

Built with Skechers’ proprietary HYPER BURST® cushioning that also features Goodyear® Performance Outsoles, these kicks represent state-of-the-art stability, durability, and responsiveness for an effortless run.

It’s about the curve

The curvature from heel to toe is so carefully aligned, runners wearing these two new products sense the difference immediately as their feet naturally move their body weight forward.

Solid mid-foot landings produces smoother transitions and toe-offs, no matter how daunting the terrain. Tests staged before these two styles hit the market were rigorous and demanding.

Testers reported unprecedented bounce with every footfall that reassured them of both comfort and responsiveness without sacrificing style.

What’s behind this upgrade?

The proprietary HYPER BURST® cushioning is created through a supercritical mechanical foaming process with thousands of spherically shaped cell structures compressed into the midsole, resulting in an ultra-lightweight and more resilient material that provides enhanced durability and responsiveness that deliver remarkably improved performance.

These differences in feel and fit add to the responsiveness and efficiency Skechers GOrun 8 and GOrun Ride 9 wearers experience.

Women’s GOrun Ride 9 in Navy Purple, S$169

Not just practical running shoes

The new Skechers GOrun 8 and GOrun Ride 9 designs are a popular choice thanks to style improvements that reflect contemporary footwear trends.

From various color choices to subtle changes in each shoe’s silhouette that incorporate the new cushioning system, runners need not compromise look in the name of technology.

Further, knowing that the outsoles on both styles are the same as those used to make Goodyear all-weather traction tires for vehicles, wearers enjoy a powerful grip on myriad surfaces in all types of weather.

Men’s GOrun 8 in Burgundy, S$169

Keeping yourself active

With the continued spread of COVID variants, your ability to get out and run has never been more critical for both your mental and physical well-being.

From Left to Right: Men’s GOrun Forza 5 in Blue Lime, S$189, Men’s GOrun Supersonic in Yellow Navy, S$129 and Women’s GOrun MaxRoad 5 in Slate, S$199

Where to find your Skechers kicks?

The new Skechers GOrun technical running shoes are now available at popular retailers that include Skechers Bugis Junction (Performance), 313@somerset, Wisma Atria, Jem, Jewel Changi Airport and Northpoint City.

If you do not need to try on a pair, you can shop online at skechers.com.sg, Shopee, and Lazada.

Will you put on a pair of Skechers GOrun 8 or GOrun Ride 9 to test it out?

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