On Shoes: For Supernatural Running

by On Apr 23, 2012
On Shoes: For Supernatural Running

“Natural running” is a hot topic in innovative running shoe design. With their minimal construction, today’s latest running shoes give movement back to the foot and call on the body to maintain an active running posture. The result: stronger muscles and fewer running-related injuries. Adapting to minimalist shoes does not happen overnight, though. And many a runner may fall by the wayside in the long adjustment process. That’s why, with its unique new running shoe, On of Switzerland has taken the next smart step.

On has integrated an “active sole” into its running shoes. In doing so, it’s managed to anticipate what human foot evolution has not yet achieved since streets were invented: It prepares the running muscles for landing and lets the runner glide smoothly into the step. For the push-off the sole changes again, providing the hardness needed to move away with explosive force. The new On sole makes natural running a light and fast experience that trains the body correctly and gives the wearer a fun new running sensation. The activation of the running muscles reduces the risk of injury and shortens recovery times with no adaption time needed. The Swiss technology has already earned international innovation awards, and has been patented all over the world.

How does On’s active sole work?

It’s the patented CloudTecTM system that’s at the heart of On’s active sole technology. With its radically new design, the sole absorbs both vertical and horizontal forces when the runner’s foot hits the ground. The On sole features three-dimensional elements or “clouds” made of highly flexible circular pieces of rubber. When the foot hits the ground, these elements bend back and, with their inbuilt slight instability, they activate the body’s running muscles and its postural control. Activation and 3D deformation allow the foot to glide smoothly into its step. Once on the ground, the “clouds” lock together providing a solid foundation for an explosive push-off. Hence, this innovative technology provides cushioning only when absolutely necessary and at the correct moment: the runner feels as if they are landing on sand yet pushing off from a hard running track. The result: a light, fast and highly efficient running movement. By activating the running muscles, the technology also helps reduce the risk of injury and shortens recovery times. There’s scientific evidence too: independent studies by Zurich’s Federal Institute of Technology have shown that On’s active sole substantially reduces athletes’ heart rate and lactic acid levels.

The 2012 On Collection

The Cloudrunner: For intensive endurance runs or longer training sessions

The Cloudrunner makes concrete easy. The patented CloudTecTM system absorbs not just vertical but also horizontal impacts, making this model ideal for intensive endurance runs or longer training sessions. The Cloudrunner activates the running muscles and transforms impact into a light and natural stride.

Cloudrunner (Women) - Retail Price: S$269 Courtesy of Athlete’s Circle

Cloudrunner (Women) - Retail Price: S$269

The Cloudsurfer: For training and competition

The Cloudsurfer is designed to unleash the runner’s speed. Equipped with On’s patented CloudTecTM system, the Cloudsurfer is light, agile and excellent at transforming running energy into forward momentum. The active sole balances every step and trains the running muscles, too. The Cloudsurfer intelligently combines what traditional running shoes have failed to unite: a light impact and a quick push-off for both training and competition use.

Cloudsurfer (Men) - Retail Price: S$269Courtesy of Athlete’s Circle

Cloudsurfer (Men) - Retail Price: S$269

The Cloudracer: For competitive running

The Cloudracer flies to the finish. With its ultra-light construction and the further development of the patented CloudTecTM system, this new addition to the On range makes athletes even faster.The Cloudracer’s the active sole consists of 18 CloudTecTM elements which have been optimized for competitive running. The unique combination of light impact and explosive push-off creates an extremely efficient running movement that will provide a vital edge on the race to new personal bests. The durability of the Cloudracer has been engineered to last for two to three marathons.

Cloudracer (Unisex) - Retail Price: S$269Courtesy of Athlete’s Circle

Cloudracer (Unisex) - Retail Price: S$269

The Cloudster: A starter model

It may be the starter model in the range, but the Cloudster provides that signature On feeling of “running on clouds”. Equipped with the innovative active sole, the Cloudster brings the On sensation – landing on sand and pushing off from a track – into everyday life. And with its iconic On design, it’s available in classic colours that will look great anywhere from the running track to the urban jungle.

Cloudster (Women) - Retail Price: S$239Courtesy of Athlete’s Circle

Cloudster (Women) - Retail Price: S$239

Where to find them?

The Cloudrunner, Cloudsurfer, Cloudster are available in Men and Women. The Cloudracer is a unisex model. On Shoes is available at Athlete’s Circle 27 Boon Tat Street S(069623) now. It will be available at Running Lab at Velocity, Runner’s Gait at 99B Soo Chow Walk and Feder Sports at Peninsula Plaza from May 2012.

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