Polar GPS-ready RCX3 Gives Instant Feedback Of Your Workout

by On Aug 26, 2012
Polar GPS-ready RCX3 Gives Instant Feedback Of Your Workout

Polar Electro, the market leader and pioneer in heart rate training technology, has released the new GPS-ready RCX3 training computer that gives you instant feedback after every session. It interprets what your heart says to give you simple-to-understand guidance at every step – making your training smarter.

The Polar RCX3 comes with Smart Coaching that will guide you in planning, training and analysing your sessions in detail. It helps you train at the right intensity with personal sport zones, shows you sport-specific training data in a variety of endurance sports, and gives you instant feedback straight after your session for a quick motivational training analysis.

Polar GPS-ready RCX3 Gives Instant Feedback On The Benefits Of Your Workout

The GPS-ready RCX3 training computer is a very flexible training system when upgraded with compatible sensors to suit your needs in different sports and when connected to your online training diary at Polar Personal Trainer. Here, you can share your sessions with your friends and see your training load to help you plan your next training sessions.

Training Benefit Feature Gives Instant Feedback

The brand new Training Benefit feature gives you instant feedback after each session based on your training intensity and the duration of your exercise. The summary, right after the session, provides you with a quick overview of your training. You can then check your training file, to find more detailed information on how your session went and can get even deeper analysis at polarpersonaltrainer.com, helping you truly understand the benefits of your training.

Large Display For Quick Easy Reading

The RCX3 training computer has a large user-configurable display which can show you up to three rows of training data on one screen. With just a few button presses, the Sport Profiles can adjust your training computer’s display settings to the sport you’re doing.

The natural button placement makes the training computer quick and easy to use, and its ventilated wristband is light to wear and adds more comfort to your training.

Polar GPS-ready RCX3 Gives Instant Feedback On The Benefits Of Your Workout

Record Now, View Later

You can record your route with the GPS set for a later review. The run set is for those of you who want to improve your running technique, and the bike set guarantees you the most precise cycling speed measurement. Or you can choose the RCX3 with just the comfortable and disturbance-free textile heart rate sensor, and upgrade it later with compatible sensors that best suit your needs.

Light & Accurate

The extremely small G5 GPS sensor measures highly accurate speed/pace and distance and allows you to see your route on a map at the Polar Personal Trainer web service after your session. There you can review all your training data at any point on your route. Rechargeable via micro USB for up to 20 hours of training, the G5 is light to wear with a GPS clip or in your pocket, making GPS easy to take with you whenever you need it.

Good news for runners. The s3+ stride sensor comes with a firm shoe attachment which guarantees highly accurate speed/pace and distance measurement. This small and lightweight sensor is shock and water resistant, handling even the most demanding runs. By telling your running cadence and average stride length, the s3+ can help you improve your running technique. The RCX3 can also calculate your Running Index, which scores your run, based on your speed and distance data from your stride sensor or GPS.

On the saddle, you can get your cycling speed, distance and cadence measured by adding Polar cycling sensors using W.I.N.D. technology. The Sport Profiles allow you to have different settings for two bikes, so there’s no extra hassle if you want to switch bikes.

Polar Personal Trainer Does It All

After the session, you can transfer your training files with the DataLink data transfer unit to track your progress and analyse your exercise in details at the Polar Personal Trainer. In addition to seeing your route on a map, you can check your cumulative training load which cleverly tells you when you have recovered enough for your next session. The Training Load feature accurately predicts how your cumulative training load will develop based on your training plan.

Polar GPS-ready RCX3 Gives Instant Feedback On The Benefits Of Your Workout

The RCX3 (S$279) will be available in four different product sets which will include the RCX3 training computer, the WearLink®+ transmitter W.I.N.D., and a Getting Started Guide. For runners, there is a product set with the s3+ stride sensor and DataLink. Cyclists can purchase a set with the CS speed sensor W.I.N.D. and Universal Bike Mount. The multisport set comes with the G5 GPS sensor and DataLink.

No matter which product set you get, you can add compatible sensors later. All sensors can be purchased separately as accessories. The RCX3 is also compatible with the older G3 GPS sensor W.I.N.D. and the s3 stride sensor W.I.N.D. So if you want to upgrade your training computer, you don’t have to buy new sensors to enjoy the sport you love.

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