Polar M400 Brings Together Style, Performance and Comfort with 24/7 Activity Tracking

by On Oct 10, 2014
Polar M400 Brings Together Style, Performance and Comfort with 24/7 Activity Tracking

To run, you need the right pair of shoes on your feet – you won’t go out without them. But there’s another runner’s companion now available that’s equally essential to your kit.

The new Polar M400, which combines GPS with 24/7 activity tracking, is for people who lead an active life and spend a lot of time training outdoors.

Powerhouse of Options for Training and Exploring

Equipped with features that capture Polar's cutting-edge know-how in Smart Coaching, M400 gives guidance throughout your training and shows the effect of your workout at the end of each session.

It is the perfect companion for urban and trail runners alike who are inspired by challenges and want to push their limits. Runners will be happy with the Running Index feature, which calculates how their running performance is developing over time based on heart rate and speed.

The Polar M400 features include:

  • All the essential data you need on the run, including pace, distance, altitude and heart rate.
  • Running Index calculates how your running performance is developing over time based on your heart rate and speed.
  • Back to Start feature directs you to your starting point using the shortest distance possible, allowing you to try new routes.
  • Tracking of personal bests when you have broken your record.
  • Smart information on the training benefit of your run at the end of each session.
  • Everyday activity monitoring: in addition to counting steps and burned calories, Polar M400 also alerts you when it is time to get up and interrupt long periods of inactivity.

Combine the M400 with the Polar Flow App to Track Every Aspect of Your Workout

When you use M400 together with the Polar Flow service and app, you get all the tools, stats and support you need to step up your game. The Polar Flow service enables easy planning and analysis of every detail of a training session, and it also helps you follow your progress and have deeper insight into your performance.

With this online training tool, you can have a closer look at what you have achieved and what lies ahead, set training targets and get guidance on how to reach them. You can also relive your routes and share them with your friends and contacts in the Flow community.
Available in white and black, it suits men and women alike. M400 is fully water-resistant, and its high-contrast and high-resolution display is ideal for outdoor use in any weather condition.

Polar M400 Brings Together Style, Performance and Comfort with 24/7 Activity Tracking

Polar M400, Retail Price: S$289, or S$359 with heart rate sensor

Where to Buy?

The Polar M400 is available now in Singapore for S$289 (or S$359 with heart rate sensor) at the Polar Webstore.

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