Polar RC3 GPS: A State-of-the-Art Training Device

by On Sep 3, 2012
Polar RC3 GPS: A State-of-the-Art Training Device

Finally! A state-of-the-art training device, with a fully integrated GPS training module, the RC3 GPS from Polar is a great boon for multi-sport athletes, on and off the track. Unparalleled GPS reception is ensured by SiRFstar IV technology. So, you can run or bike in any city, on any terrain, at any time or weather, without ever losing your way!

Polar RC3 GPS: A State-of-the-Art Training Device

Just 58 grams, this gauging guru is by far the lightest coach you could carry. Programmed with 35 years of expert Polar insight, the RC3 GPS shoots customized conclusions, based on training objectives, intensity, and heart rate – information vital to training right, every time! Detailed analysis of each session is accessible through the wrist unit and online via Polar Personal Trainer.

The intuitive feedback is one of many sharp features of Polar’s signature brand of “Smart Coaching”. Start with the “Fitness Test” feature then improve by constantly increasing your “Running Index”. Police your progress with “Cumulative Training Load” to ensure you get adequate intensity and recovery. Structure all training sessions with your “Zone Optimizer” settings and you’ve got a winning formula for any land race!

Polar RC3 GPS: A State-of-the-Art Training Device

Incredibly unique to the RC3 GPS is the “Back to Start” function. Regardless of terrain or location, this recalling rascal will plot the fastest route back to your start point. Apply caution when activating near reservoirs and cliffs. Brilliant for navigating in a new city!

Polar RC3 GPS: A State-of-the-Art Training Device

The RC3 GPS comes with add-ons, namely, the Heart Rate Monitor Strap and the
CS Cadence sensor™ W.I.N.D. Upsize your training package with these bad boys for maximum data capture. Value for money, this physiometry magic retails at S$399.


  • Accurate Tracking
  • Little or no lag for GPS
  • Smart Coaching is a great training tool for both beginners and performance athletes
  • Light as a feather, Packed like a bull
  • One sweet machine with no need to synchronize attachments like shoe trackers, etc.

Technical Specifications

SiRFstar IV GPS technology

Battery Life
In continuous use when recording a training session with the GPS

  • function ON: up to 12 hours
  • function OFF: up to 1700 hours

When you train on average 1h/day, 7 days/week:

  • With the GPS function ON: up to 11 days
  • With the GPS function OFF: up to 120 days
  • When only the time view is used: up to 4 months


  • Weight: 58grams
  • Depth: 1.37cm (measured on the center of the product)
  • Width: 4.62cm (including the buttons)

Where to find?

The Polar RC3 GPS is available at the following stores: Advance Lap, e-Walker, Hing's Watch & Pen Centre, Athlete's Circle, Key Power International, Motion Sports, Morning Star, Running Lab and Watch it!.

For more information, visit: http://www.rc3gps.com/

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