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Warning: You May Give Your Heart to Polar’s Hot New M200 GPS Running Watch

by On Oct 25, 2016

By the time you finish reading this, whatever excuse you’ve used to put off adding a wrist-model fitness watch to your wardrobe just might vanish.

Warning: You May Give Your Heart to Polar's Hot New M200 GPS Running Watch

There's a fine line between bragging and modesty, but modesty can be problematic for fans of Polar products. The company has been around for four decades, yet as new technology came along, the Finland-based consortium always looked to the future, asking "What do our customers want?"

What's behind Polar's success? An impressive track record of pioneering heart rate monitoring, activity tracking and computer training devices that also happen to be stylish and beautifully crafted. Polar products balance old world excellence and new world ideas – an unbeatable pairing.

All About the Long-Awaited M200

What do you require when picking out a wearable running aid? Price? Features? Style? Get all of these and more packed into a handy wrist device crammed with features you need to reach your health and fitness goals.

Included within the brain of this device are an integrated GPS, heart rate monitor, plus training and activity features that act as your unpaid coach. It's waterproof, so splash through puddles if you must, and if you decide to appoint your Polar M200 your personal secretary, not only will it track your activity 24/7, but it will even keep tabs on your sleep cycle.

Warning: You May Give Your Heart to Polar's Hot New M200 GPS Running Watch

Not Just Another Pretty Face

When you look at the face of your current wrist-style nerve centre, what do you see? Are the numbers sharp and easy to discern? Can you count on it to report your training metrics accurately, keep you from getting lost and monitor your pace, all the while giving you a real time, optical heart rate measurement?

The Polar M200 system employs a unique algorithm optimised to meet industry standards for heart rate tracking. Charge it up and expect six hours of conditioning time, but you won't miss a thing.

The device reports back to you on the number of calories you've burned, steps you've taken — and it will even tell you if you're getting decent sleep or quality sleep. One runner joked that he would marry his M200 if it could brew good coffee!

Easy on the Eye

Feeling sceptical? It's understandable — because Polar didn't skimp on features, yet brought the M200 to market for just S$219. It's important to know that the company didn't skimp on aesthetics when the wrist device was in its earliest design stage. Interchangeable colour wristbands satisfy trendsetters concerned as much about coordinating their wardrobes as they do about their personal bests.

As a matter of fact, you could conduct your life around your Polar M200 because it notifies you of incoming calls, messages, calendar and social media alerts using a subtle vibration. No worries about wristband fit, either.

Choose between sizes small/medium and medium/large and you can add other wristband colours to your wardrobe if the basic black or red style doesn't offer you enough variety.

Warning: You May Give Your Heart to Polar's Hot New M200 GPS Running Watch

No Detail Overlooked!

Whether your platform is iOS or Android, the M200 is compatible with both. Get free online and web services via the clever app that micro-manages the details of your life. Use the Polar Running Program to direct your efforts, workouts and runs, and allow your wrist monitor to act as your mum, reminding you of goals you set to improve your run time, performance and stay abreast of the physiological changes that take place in your body when you exercise.

But it's the simplicity of use that wins the hearts and minds of runners! You don't need an IT degree to access data streaming from your wrist. So, if you've put off acquiring a wrist fitness device, what are you waiting for? It's time to shop any of the 35,000 global retailers stocking this device in late 2016!

Warning: You May Give Your Heart to Polar's Hot New M200 GPS Running Watch

7 Benefits you get from owning a Polar M200

  • You'll stay happier and healthier because vital health and wellness data is constantly updated and at your fingertips.
  • If you run marathons and competitive events that require orienteering, the Polar's GPS feature will get you to the finish line accurately and in a timely fashion.
  • You'll be seen as an innovator by fellow runners whose fitness accessories don't come close to having this many features and benefits.
  • Keep tabs on your heart rate so you neither overdo it nor fail to push yourself as far as you should to hit your numbers.
  • You get bragging rights: tell friends that your Polar was designed and fabricated by a company that's been around longer than Facebook inventor Mark Zuckerberg and they'll be impressed.
  • If fashion is a priority, the Polar M200 will turn your wrist into a fashion statement. You can even show your flair for originality by adding a "mellow yellow" band, a statement that broadcasts your style big time.
  • Did we mention the ease with which one can learn the ins and outs of Polar M200? Spend just an hour reviewing the watch, the features, the apps and the programs and you're going to fall in love, even if it can't brew a great cup of coffee!

The Polar M200 is available in Charcoal Black and Bright Red for S$219. Changeable wristbands are sold separately and available in White, Fresh Blue, Mellow Yellow as well as Charcoal Black and Bright Red. Polar M200 will be available to customers in USA, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan in October 2016 and globally in January 2017.

How important is having a well-established brand like Polar standing behind the electronic devices and products you buy? On a scale of one to 10, how much weight do you give brand over price when all factors and features are equal?

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