Run On Air with the Nike Air Max+ 2013

by On Jan 29, 2013
Run On Air with the Nike Air Max+ 2013

Kicking into the new year with a bang, Nike has launched the Nike Air Max+ 2013 that is going to set runners on high.

Featuring the most advanced heel-to-toe Nike Max Air unit, the Nike Air Max+ 2013 provides lightweight, soft cushioning and more flexibility than any previous version.

Run On Air with the Nike Air Max+ 2013

The Nike Air Max team emphasised natural motion in their design. They started by reconstructing the Nike Air Max unit to ensure the softest, most comfortable ride possible. The unit’s internal walls are minimized to encourage airflow, and internal tubes move with the foot to provide more flexibility than in previous Nike Air units.

Nike Hyperfuse construction is used throughout the shoe to create a lighter, more breathable upper and a reduced overall weight, without sacrificing on comfort. Open hole mesh on the upper serves the dual purpose of allowing increased ventilation for comfort on the run and a sleek appearance.

A notched inner sleeve wraps around the foot, while a molded collar supports the ankle to create an improved fit that feels virtually seamless. Whether on the street or the treadmill, dynamic Nike Flywire technology ensures that the mid-foot stays secure and supported at all times.

Run On Air with the Nike Air Max+ 2013

The Nike Air Max+ 2013 takes its place as the latest incarnation of the Air Max franchise. As both a timeless statement of innovation and a perennial sports classic, visible air has set Nike apart for almost a quarter of a century.

As the first shoe to feature visible air, the original Air Max 1, designed by Tinker Hatfield, revolutionized an industry and reshaped the design landscape for running footwear. In the late 80's, the idea of running on air was an innovation that not only had never been seen before but also delivered a fit and level of comfort that changed the game. In the years following, Air Max shoes have become the epitome of running performance and style.

Run On Air with the Nike Air Max+ 2013

Nike Air Max+ in red, Retail price: S$289

Visible air continues to be one of the most relevant and revolutionary innovations Nike has ever created. The reinvented Nike Air Max+ 2013 represents the evolution of Nike Running.

Where to buy?

The Spring 2013 collection of Nike Air Max+ 2013 will be available in Nike stores island wide from January 2013.

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