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Runners Harness Energy to Launch the PUMA IGNITE in Singapore

by On Mar 18, 2015
Runners Harness Energy to Launch the PUMA IGNITE in Singapore

Have you been running in discomfort? Have you been criticised for owning an outdated pair of running shoes? Or, have you been changing your pair of running shoes so often that you have lost count of them? Well, it is time for you to grab a pair of PUMA Ignite to not only enjoy your running experience, but also, be recognised as a trendy fitness enthusiast! Sounds like a great way to kill two birds with one stone, isn't it?

IGNITE – PUMA's most responsive running shoes

Having taken nine years in its development, not only is the IGNITE one of PUMA's most responsive running shoes, it is also one that has been "well received since its global launch in New York City last month." — (Mr Gabriel Yap, Head of Marketing PUMA South East Asia)

In fact, it has also been worn and widely appraised by the world's fastest man ever—Usain Bolt. Most importantly, due to its innovative foam technology, it provides "high-energy return, comfort and optimal durability." Sounds too good to be true? Well, PUMA is never stingy when it comes to pampering its runners. Well, how do I know that? I got to test IGNITE out during its launch! Nothing comes as honest and truthful as personal experiences, doesn't it? Follow me through as I fill you in with details of the star-studded, meaningful and memorable event!

Light up the Singapore Flyer with PUMA IGNITE

Held at The Greek Theatre – Singapore Flyer, the IGNITE was launched with a blasting mixture of neon and lights on Wednesday, 11 March 2015. Various running enthusiasts, running clubs like PUMA Running Club and fitness influencers like Donna Samuel and Yu Bing were there. Not to forget, local and international artistes like Xu Bin, Dawn Yeoh, Aloysius Pang, Allen Chen and Charles Lee were invited as well. So, what were they there for? Located both on stage and along The Greek Theatre, they were blazing their ways through the treadmills and with their IGNITE(S) to generate enough energy to light up the Singapore Flyer. The Singapore Flyer? Serious? How is that possible? Well, with the teamwork and efforts contributed by the runners, together with the thunderous motivation by the audiences and fanclubs, it is possible. In fact, how could it be impossible when all of them were decked with the most energized running shoe—PUMA IGNITE?

So now, one of the big questions—how do the runs contribute to the lighting up of the Singapore Flyer? Well, the energy produced from each of their runs "were collected and stored. Upon reaching the threshold of 100%, the harnessed energy will be unleashed" and thus, the Singapore Flyer will be lighted up. You must be wondering, wouldn't that take years to light up the Singapore Flyer? Well, you are wrong. I was there since the threshold was at 4% and I can assure you, it only took a couple of hours for the Singapore Flyer to be lighted up (that was inclusive of breaks taken in between).

Runners Harness Energy to Launch the PUMA IGNITE in Singapore

So, how is it possible for the Singapore Flyer to be lighted up that fast? It is possible when the IGNITE uses a new and innovative foam—Forever Foam, at the shoes' heels. Forever Foam consists mainly of a compound that is "used heavily in the automotive industry". Not only is it completely new to the market, it allows the IGNITE to have long- lasting durability, great responsive cushioning, optimal rebound and maximized energy return. You might think I am boasting. Well, I thought PUMA was boasting too so I tried it out. After all, what can be better than trying the shoes out on the treadmill itself?

Indeed, the IGNITE is something Puma should really boast of. Why? Not only is it really comfortable, it is really fitting as well. To many of the runners out there, we all know that lightweight running shoes are in the trend nowadays. Well, PUMA's IGNITE will not disappoint you. It is one of the best lightweight running shoes I have ever worn. To put it simply, it feels like you are wearing nothing but just a pair of really hugging socks. In fact, looking at the bright smiling faces of the runners, you will know that the IGNITE has made running a breeze for them. Not to forget, you cannot help but to feel like a fashion superstar once you have put on the IGNITE. Why? The neon and modern trendy colour combinations (available in two colour schemes) made the IGNITE the fashion statement of the year. In fact, the soles actually glow in the dark.

Runners Harness Energy to Launch the PUMA IGNITE in Singapore


For the still-doubtful lot out there, do not worry. I have gathered plenty of reviews from both the influencers and the celebrities for you!

What do you link about the IGNITE?

It is really lightweight and gives really great support (to your feet). Most importantly, it has an awesome colour combination which allows it to be an attention- grabbing pair of shoes whenever you are wearing it out. – Charles Lee

What do you like best about this event?

Well, the best parts would be to be able to run with my friends (other artistes) and also, having my fans right here to support me. Most importantly, through this event, I am able to recommend these shoes to others and allow them to witness the pros of the IGNITE. Moreover, since I have many friends who are runners, it would be a good opportunity for me to recommend them the IGNITE. – Xu Bin

Out of 5 stars, how would you rate the IGNITE?

Definitely a 5! It fits perfectly and I felt really comfortable running with it. Most importantly, its design and colours can go with anything of any colours. – Aloysius Pang

What about the IGNITE would you recommend to others?

It has great support and cushioning. This reduces the stress you will apply on your knees. – Donna Samuel

Would you recommend the IGNITE to others?

Definitely! In fact, I think I would be holding on to mine for a really long time! – Dawn Yeoh

Tell us the pros of the IGNITE.

It is really lightweight and has maximum energy return. This is really beneficial for your joints. – Allen Chen

Runners Harness Energy to Launch the PUMA IGNITE in Singapore

Try out the PUMA IGNITE!

Feeling "ouch" that you have missed out this event to try out one of the best performing shoes ever? Well, do not fret! Head down to ION Orchard (21 and 22 March 2015) and VivoCity (28 and 29 march 2015) over the next two weekends from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and grab your chance to "experience the responsiveness, comfort and durability of the IGNITE" at the IGNITE Mobile. Participants are all entitled to a lucky draw in which only 3 lucky winners will get to win prizes worth of S$450. In fact, if you purchase your pair of PUMA IGNITE during your trial, you will be given a complimentary pair of PUMA performance running socks!

Besides, as a follow-up to this event, they will be holding a campaign – IGNITE YOUR CITY. For 21 consecutive days, local fitness personalities like Jasmine Danker and Donna Samuel will be not only be posting, but also, sharing their IGNITE stories through various social media channels with the hashtag – #IGNITEsg. Want to take part in this campaign? Well, all you have to do is to share your runs on Instagram from 12 March 2015 to 30 April 2015.

Remember to always hashtag – #IGNITEsg! Not to forget, PUMA will be selecting 3 lucky winners to get S$500 worth of PUMA products! So, stop hesitating and start sharing your #IGNITEsg stories now!

To know more about PUMA IGNITE, follow PUMASingapore on Facebook.

Runners Harness Energy to Launch the PUMA IGNITE in Singapore

PUMA IGNITE, Retail Price: S$179


The PUMA IGNITE is available in Singapore from 12 March 2015, and comes in both Men's and Women's style and will retail at S$179. In subsequent seasons, additional styles will be introduced and the IGNITE line will be expanded further within the Running and Training categories.

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