Soleus is proud to announce new additions to its family of GPS watch collection – the Soleus GPS Tour, GPS Cross Country, GPS Mini and Vibe!

Soleus GPS Tour

For all adventurous runners, this unit has it all – altimeter, compass, pathfinder display, vibrating alerts and heart rate monitor.

This watch allows you to do trial running while tracking speed and distance through the high-sensitivity in-built GPS system. The compass together with the pathfinder aids the runner to track the direction and route to ensure that one is never lost!

Soleus GPS Tour Retail Price: S$499.00 before GST

With the extended battery life of 16 hours on the Soleus GPS Tour, you can now run in ultra-marathons or in adventure races with a peace of mind that the watch is constantly tracking your progress.

The metal gun finish to the watch portrays a sleeker design. The easy to use interface will quickly make it your go-to watch for all the runs that you want to get off the beaten path.

Soleus GPS Cross Country

For those who do not want a heart rate monitor, the Soleus GPS Cross Country is that watch for you!

Soleus GPS Cross Country Retail Price: S$399.00 before GST

Featuring the same enhanced features as the Soleus GPS Tour, such as the vibration alerts, compass and altimeter, this watch is suitable for the runner who is able to keep a close monitoring on his or her pace while not over exerting to stress the heart.

The watch comes with a 16 hour rechargeable battery that is suitable for races. The watch also comes in 2 colours – black with lime green accents to make a statement or the understated black with grey finishing touches.

Soleus Vibe

For those who love to jump from their office wear to their running shoes, Soleus Vibe is the perfect fit!

The Soleus Vibe is suitable to be used amidst the tall skyscrapers and relatively flat terrains of the city. The highly sensitive GPS watch detects the runner’s positioning quickly and is not hindered by the tall buildings looming the skyline.

Soleus Vibe Retail Price: S$279.00 before GST

The angular face of the watch creates a bigger display that is easy to read while running and iconic on the hand.

The Soleus Vibe comes in 3 colours – black with orange accents, black with pink accents and black with blue accents to create the Soleus swoosh.

Soleus GPS Mini

The GPS Mini keeps the basic functions of a GPS watch yet, providing an alternative choice at a lower price for novice runners. It has a smaller fit better suited for the female population, along with a USB port strategically integrated into the watch strap, making data upload an easier task.

Soleus GPS Mini Retail Price: S$239.00 before GST

With a better ventilated silicone strap and simpler 4 button user interface, the GPS Mini provides larger numbers on a customisable display for easy viewing allowing users to accurately track their speed, pace, calories burned and distance using GPS technology.

Where to buy?

Soleus GPS watches are retailed exclusively at TANGS VivoCity, OG Orchard Point and select sports watch retailers.

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