The Polar V800: Train and Recover 24/7 With The World’s Smartest Training Computer

by On Apr 25, 2014
The Polar V800: Train and Recover 24/7 With The World's Smartest Training Computer

Polar recently unveiled the world's smartest and most advanced training computer. Designed for professional athletes and demanding amateurs for whom sport is a way of life, the new Polar V800 with integrated GPS helps you reach peak performance just when you need it.

The Polar V800: Train and Recover 24/7 With The World's Smartest Training Computer

Technology You'll Want On Your Wrist 24/7

Most importantly, the Polar V800 helps serious athletes gain an edge by training, and recovering, smart. It offers:

  • Smart and accurate monitoring of training sessions as well as the smallest activities in your everyday life, thanks to an integrated activity tracker. Now every movement is registered, from your toughest workout to a walk up the stairs. And because the Polar V800 can track every activity, even when you are not training it automatically adjusts your recovery status to give a true account of how much rest you get in between hard sessions.
  • Instant analysis and in-depth insights into all your training and recovery on the Polar V800 when used with the Polar Flow web service. The Polar Flow mobile app connects fluidly with the Polar V800, synching the data gathered instantly with the Polar Flow web service to provide a full picture of all the data you need to train properly. Polar Flow also connects you to a community of similarly minded athletes and friends through its social functionality.

The Polar V800: Train and Recover 24/7 With The World's Smartest Training Computer

A Host Great Features For Athletes

Polar V800 provides Running Index data on your aerobic fitness and running economy as well as an Orthostatic Test to help you avoid over-training by gaining insight into recovery status over the long term. You can access four weeks of your training history at the touch of a button and can also share your Polar Flow data with your coach.

The Polar V800 also offers a host of other unique features that set it apart. It records your heart rate (even while swimming) and includes the most accurate altitude readings with a built-in barometric pressure sensor.

Combination Of Strength, Lightness, Style And Comfort

The Polar V800 has a high-contrast black and white display which is optimized for sports. The screen is easy to read even in low-light conditions and is very power efficient. This contributes to the excellent overall battery life of the rechargeable Polar V800, which offers up to 14 hours of training time, 50 hours in low power GPS mode, or 30 days in time mode with 24/7 activity monitoring.

The Polar V800 is made for the most demanding of sports and features a large, scratch-resistant, Gorilla Glass face, similar to that used on the most advanced smartphones. This is set in stainless steel with an aluminum core and soft, breathable polyurethane straps. It’s a combination of strength, lightness, style and comfort.

Additionally, the Polar V800 features updatable software which will allow users to add new features from the comfort of their own home as they become available. The wireless connection to a smartphone creates the possibility for further features, such as SMS notification and music control, which will be added as updates later in 2014.

Where To Buy?

The Polar V800: Train and Recover 24/7 With The World's Smartest Training Computer

Polar V800, Retail Price: S$629

The Polar V800 with integrated GPS will be available locally in May for a suggested retail price of S$629 (S$699 with heart rate sensor). It will be available in black initially with a blue version available from June 2014. An optional running stride sensor is available separately. All accessories are Bluetooth Smart compatible, including Polar's heart rate sensor. Access to Polar Flow and the Polar Flow app is free.

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