Let me be forthright about my comments on these Leguano Premium shoes: When they first arrived, I peered into the box and thought they were bedroom slippers. Before you call me crazy, I’ll admit that despite their initial appearance (I had never before worn Leguano shoes) I was eager to give them a chance because they look so different.

It took me about 10 minutes of shuffling around my apartment in these kicks before I knew I was onto something big in terms of comfort. Then, I hit the trail to see how they performed. It proved to be a unique running experience. I did some homework after my first run and discovered that there’s an official “Leguano Revolution” afoot. Curious, I put my head and my feet in gear, applying due diligence to this review.

I enlist in the Leguano Revolution’s militia to get my run on

Okay, so there is no Leguano militia, but I was promised a revolution by the brand’s website, so I wanted to be all in. Originally designed to be “barefoot running shoes,” it took no time at all for me to conclude that these shoes would have delighted every Kenyan runner on the planet.

Further, Leguano Premium running shoes are true chameleons. They are appropriate for exercise classes, martial arts, yoga, Pilates, weight training and just about any other fitness pursuit that calls for minimalist footwear.

The sole is the epitome of responsiveness; from the moment I slid these shoes on for my initial trail run, I felt more sure-footed than usual. Half-way through, I concluded that Leguano premium running shoes shouldn’t be worn strictly for indoor activities; they are also perfect for outdoor activities like camping, hiking and boating.

Highlights and footnotes

Having already determined that these shoes were capable of fitting into myriad aspects of my personal lifestyle, I was impressed by their versatility. But what I didn’t expect was the way my feet fared—even after hours of wearing my Leguanos. I believe this company has elevated the function of “moisture wicking” to an art form.

My feet benefited greatly from the antibacterial properties of the material used to construct this shoe’s interior. The piece de resistance? I tossed my Leguanos into the washing machine after a few more test runs so I could build up an appreciable amount of odor. They came out of the washer looking and smelling clean and hygienic.

Runner’s Boon

  • Leguano premium running shoes are made to be worn by both men and women. Shoe companies don’t always pull this off successfully, but this one did.
  • These barefoot runners are woven of a clever mix of synthetics, each of which serves a function. Some deal with foot odor. Others are used to maintain the shoe’s shape so it conforms to the foot.
  • Is it possible to rave about this shoe’s washability? I hope so.
  • Leguano’s German engineering shows. These shoes have been tested and refined to give wearers a unique experience, whether engaged in sport or simply hanging around a track.

Runner’s Bane

  • Given the attention to detail, complex engineering and combination of materials that ensure years of wear, you’ll pay for these shoes at S$210.
  • Need support to deal with foot issues that require rigidity and structure no matter what activity you engage in? Take a pass on these.
  • If your feet are large, you may find yourself exchanging your usual size for another.
  • I encountered runners during my “test drives” who asked why I was wearing socks on the trail. If you tend to be sensitive about your ego or image, opt for another minimalist shoe that looks more “shoe like.”


I tend not to worry about other people’s opinions, so I didn’t care that a couple of runners “made fun” of my Leguanos.

On the other hand, these shoes are supremely comfortable. I find myself choosing them over the other kicks in my closet when I’m going out to undertake any number of activities that don’t require me to worry about foot support. I was lucky that the pair I tested was true to size so I didn’t have to worry about exchanging them.

I had to laugh when I checked out the Leguano website that profiled this premium style, because the company advises readers to limit their time in these shoes to just waking hours. “Don’t forget to take them off when you go to sleep because after all, they are still shoes!” Love it. A shoe manufacturer with a keen sense of humor.

Where can you see and try on these quirky shoes? Head for Suntec City; North Wing, #02-600A.

Chia Kangjin

Kangjin loves running and with a bike between his legs, he believes that while life can push you down, you’ll always come back up like a pedal.

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