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Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve with Polar A360 Fitness Tracker on Your Wrist!

by On Mar 11, 2016
Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve with Polar’s A360 Fitness Tracker on Your Wrist!

You don't have to be a Shakespeare fan to commiserate with Iago when the Othello character opined, "...I will wear my heart upon my sleeve." But it's unlikely that even Shakespeare imagined that four centuries after writing these words, people would actually be able to wear their heart on their sleeves courtesy of a wrist device that not only tracks activity but keeps tabs on heart rates.

Is it possible to give your heart to a fitness tracker? It is if the object of your affection is Polar newly introduced A360 fitness tracker!

About the Polar A360

How clever is the A360? It keeps track of everything you need to know about whether or not you're performing at optimal levels. This handy device counts calories, keeps tab on the number of steps you take, reports on your daily workouts and includes a sleep feature. All of this data (and more) pops up on a high-resolution colour touch screen, that's impervious to water, so even if you're stuck in a downpour, this waterproof tracker keeps going.

Who came up with the name A360? Clever marketing minds at Polar corporate offices in Finland. Their thinking was simple: An athlete should be able to enjoy the convenience of a wrist device that's so technologically accurate, it's even sophisticated enough to accommodate one's 360-degree lifestyle!

In addition to monitoring fitness activities, the A360 acts as a personal social secretary by delivering social media alerts, incoming phone calls, voice mail and calendar reminders. Will it pick up your dry cleaning? Not exactly. But you can always ask!

Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve with Polar’s A360 Fitness Tracker on Your Wrist!

This is One Versatile Running Accessory

If you're a stickler for trendy attire and accessories, the styling of this handy device won't disappoint. Show off your unique personality by choosing from changeable silicone wrist band colors to compliment your wardrobe or your mood: Powder White, Charcoal Black, Neon Green, Sorbet Pink and Navy Blue.

If you're skeptical about fit, the A360 will assuage your fears because it comes in sizes small, medium and large. You can forget about ill-fitting bands that threaten to impair your circulation or annoy you by sliding up and down as you run.

But let's say you lust after this all-purpose tracker because you're brand loyal and you can count on this innovation to do a better job of tracking numbers than competitors without Polar track record and reputation.

Good call. Charge up the A360 and forget about battery life for up to two weeks because this fitness tracker is going to monitor your comings and goings (including an hour of training daily) on a single battery charge. The 360A is versatile, too. Interface it with Polar H7 heart rate monitor should you prefer to use a chest strap to track your heart rate and you're good to go.

Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve with Polar’s A360 Fitness Tracker on Your Wrist!

It's What's Inside That Counts

"We have a legacy to uphold," says Marco Suvilaakso, Polar Global Product Director. "Polar produced the first heart rate monitor to hit the market 38 years ago, so our loyal customers expect nothing short of excellence each time we introduce a new model, product or concept." Toward that end, the A360 relies upon a proprietary sensor system to collect heart rate numbers that is so accurate, "we even like to boast about our algorithms!" adds Suvilaakso.

Initial trials conducted by Polar while the A360 was in development proved more successful than projections. To make sure lab results weren't anomalies, the company recruited physically fit testers, asking them to wear trackers day and night to assess performance. Once the trial period ended, volunteers were reluctant to hand them back because they had come to rely upon them to ascertain progress made in pursuit of their fitness goals.

What led to this dependence? In addition to style, reporting mechanisms, battery life and performance, testers fell in love with Polar Flow, a feature designed exclusively for coaches and personal trainers that offers an easier, more accurate, less time consuming and tedious way to analyze client performance. Further, they reported that Smart Coaching assistance was invaluable.

Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve with Polar’s A360 Fitness Tracker on Your Wrist!

Got Goals? The A360 Helps You Achieve Them All!

There's so much more to discover about Polar A360 activity tracker that we would need twice the space to showcase it all, but bottom line is that when a company has achieved success and loyal shoppers for 38 years, that's more than a good track record; it's also a legacy.

What drives all of the smart features wearers receive as a result of getting an A360? Connectivity, of course. The Polar Flow mobile app acts as an interface hub, so as long as your smartphone has an Android or iOS platform, you're perpetually connected.

Polar research center continues to pioneer the next iteration of fitness trackers as well as the other products for which his Scandinavian company is known throughout the world: cycling computers, wearable sports devices, training apps and auxiliary online services.

As a matter of fact, so many new ideas are perpetually being churned out by this forward-thinking company, we've no clue when these people make time to sleep!

The Polar A360 is available in Charcoal Black (size: S, M, L), Powder White (size: S), Sorbet Pink (S, M) and Navy Blue (M) in retail stores and online globally for $299. Changeable wristbands in Powder White, Charcoal Black, Sorbet Pink, Navy Blue and Neon Green are also available in a variety of sizes and sold separately. The H7 heart rate sensor are also available in Black, Blue and Pink colours.

Does the fact that this all-purpose activity tracker has a heart monitoring feature make you more or less likely to invest in this wrist device?

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