Which Tight Is Right? Enhance Your Performance With Nike’s Latest Range

by On Jan 19, 2016
Which Tight Is Right? Enhance Your Performance With Nike’s Latest Range

Each elite athlete needs different performance benefits from his or her sports gear, but all demand apparels that adapt to the individual specifications of their body in motion.

Driven by this design mandate, Nike presents their newest tights. From supporting specific mobility to regulating body temperature, these are inherent to running and training for both men and women.

Nike Power Speed Tight

A full-time training schedule, coupled with the determination to win the Rio 2016 Olympics, keeps US sprinter, English Gardner, on the track all week. The top athlete is upfront about relying on her tights to help stabilise sore muscles and aid recovery:

I have to have my tights. Tights help keep you stabilised, [and yet] give you enough free flow of movement to have the power.

With Gardner's insights in mind, Nike designers crafted tights to support the linear motion of running and the muscles it engages.

Maximum compression is achieved with a slim-cut, lightweight, high-elastane Dri-FIT fabric which allows ample stretch and retraction to smoothly adapt to the runner's stride. By enhancing compression along the hip, thigh, calf and Achilles tendon, the tights notably boosts muscle control.

Which Tight Is Right? Enhance Your Performance With Nike’s Latest Range

Accentuating these compression zones are screen-printed graphic lines. Inspired by the flow of a track, they visually portray the natural beauty of the athlete in motion.

Besides stability, designers addressed several other needs of elite and everyday runners. The tights come with an encased draw cord at the waist for a personalised fit, reflective details for low-light conditions, and bonded ankle zips for easy on and off. For a hands-free run, a vapour-lined pocket for phones or keys sits on the back hip for men and at the centre back for women.

Be it sprinting or distance training, Nike Power Speed tights provide perfectly tuned performance support.

Nike Zoned Sculpt Tight

For elite tennis player Genie Bouchard, visualisation is a key component of success.

It's so important to dream big and to work as hard as you can to achieve those dreams.

This mind-body connection is directly tied in to the athlete's choice of training gear. She needs apparel that will activate her muscles, keep her warm and help prime her – physically and psychologically – for performance.

Inspired by varied and vigorous training routines athletes like Bouchard undergo, Nike designers looked to the six core training moves – push, pull, lunge, squat, bend and rotate. The result was the Nike Zoned Sculpt Tight, tailored to move naturally with the body in motion, promoting fluid control as the garment wraps and defines muscle movement.

Which Tight Is Right? Enhance Your Performance With Nike’s Latest Range

The soft, light Dri-FIT fabric employs an innovative knitting process to give compressive support to the core, quad and glute muscles. At the same time, the knit provides built-in breathability and sweat management.

Crafted in a nearly seamless construction, the tights allow for freedom of movement. It is also designed with a higher, tilted waistband for a firm, locked-in feel. Strategic venting areas are incorporated to enhance cooling in key areas, such as behind the knee.

Where To Buy

Available in all Nike stores, the Nike Power Speed Tight and Nike Zoned Sculpt Tight are retailing at S$219 and S$209 respectively.

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