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Your Fast Track to Fitness: Polar’s M600 Watch Powered by Android Wear

by On Oct 18, 2016

When a company introduces an inventive new product with the capability to dramatically alter the way you manage your life, why wouldn’t you spoil yourself and buy it?

Your Fast Track to Fitness: Polar’s M600 Watch Powered by Android Wear

Let's say that you meet a new runner and need a conversation starter. Simply lift your arm and point to your new Polar M600 Sports watch, powered by Android Wear.

Then, quote Marco Suvilaasko, Polar's Chief Strategy Officer when you say, "Did you know that Polar created the very first heart rate monitor and activity tracker?" You won't be exaggerating. Polar is always on the cutting-edge of innovation and the M600 says a lot about your good taste and priorities.

What? You don't own the new Polar M600 Sports watch responsible for bringing smarts to sports activity trackers? How can that be? We assumed that your life is hectic and you need every device on the market to help you keep track of all aspects of your life, so we figured that you had already identified the M600 as something you can't live without.

Don't know enough about this little miracle worker to make an informed decision? Allow us to educate you. Feel free to thank us any time you like!

The First True Sports Wearable Watch

You rely upon your smartphone to keep you linked to your community and work, so you may wish to celebrate the fact that the new Polar M600 is so compatible with the power of Android, the two might be called BFFs.

This waterproof marvel is so packed with features, you might wonder how engineers managed to fill this little running aid with such an abundance of helpers.

The list is long and includes Polar's signature optical heart rate technology that uses unique algorithms to produce the most accurate and reliable readings known to man. You'll even gain access to 100+ sports profiles.

Pick the one that most closely matches the training sessions you desire and then use the Polar Flow web service to get accurate feedback about everything but your love life.

Your Fast Track to Fitness: Polar’s M600 Watch Powered by Android Wear

The Genius is in the Details

That clever heart tracking technology may be the star of the show, but Polar didn't cut corners when it engineered other features that make this fitness watch a one-of-a-kind innovation. The design is both sleek and stylish, from the comfy band to the Corning Gorilla Glass face that's but one of the extras Polar added to elevate this tracker above competitors' models.

Making out the readings on the colour touch display may even keep facial wrinkles at bay since you can stop squinting!

Lose yourself in the beauty of nature as you train if you like; an invaluable GPS will get you back on track in quick order. There's a dedicated button that allows you to manage your training programme and battery life lasts more than 48 hours, courtesy of its Android device interface. Will you pay a steep price for your watch?

This is not inexpensive at S$569, but remember that you're getting an extraordinary management tool that has no equal.

Gain a Personal Assistant

Can you customise your smartwatch so it assumes the role of your personal assistant? Why not? You slip the black and white silicone wristband on (red is coming!), and say hello to more access to your life than you thought possible:

  • Smart Coaching features include an activity guide
  • Access Android Wear's handy voice control
  • Change-up the look of the watch face to suit your mood and need for information
  • Read and answer texts
  • Track your calories and fitness progress
  • Receive calendar alerts
  • Manage social media using as many as 4,000 third party apps courtesy of Google Play.
  • Swim wearing the M600 watch — it really is waterproof
  • The Polar M600 rules your playlist. Stockpile vast amounts of music courtesy of 4GB of internal storage, using Google Play to access every tune you adore

Your Fast Track to Fitness: Polar’s M600 Watch Powered by Android Wear

But, You Want to Improve Your Performance!

And you shall, Grasshopper. The Polar M600 device will know as much about you as your mum as it captures data related to your life, your proclivities and your habits as you strive to get in the best shape ever.

To accomplish this Herculean task, this tracker not only monitors your waking hours but examines the quality of your sleep, so you're perpetually aware of the critical cycle of fitness, recovery and progress.

Run your best marathon without having to pay a penny in registration fees; the Polar Running Program delivers an adaptive training plan that allows you to pick your event of choice - 5km, 10km, half or full marathon - and your only responsibility is to run your race while focusing on a PB, not competitors.

Your Polar M600 will report your results and help you adjust your training protocols so you're on the road to improved performance fast. Sound like the training aid you've been waiting for? Head for your favourite Polar retailer and try it on. You're going to love it!

Your Fast Track to Fitness: Polar’s M600 Watch Powered by Android Wear

Polar M600, Retail Price: S$569

The Polar M600 is available in Charcoal Black and Powder White for S$569. Changeable wristbands in Polar Red will also be available later this year.

If you could invent one smart feature not currently available on today's sports trackers that would help you achieve greater performance heights, what would it be?

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