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How To Make A Running Come Back After Taking Time Off

by On Feb 27, 2020

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How To Make A Running Come Back After Taking Time Off

Regardless of what reasons forced you to give up running for a while, they cannot last forever.

And if now you feel the moral strength and physical abilities to return to this activity again, then we have prepared several tips that will make your comeback more effective, seamless and safe. Let’s run? 

Start From One Little Step

Each of our daily activities is to a large extent a habit. And running is no exception. After a long break, you need to restore this habit again. Moreover, you have your muscle memory - that is, your body remembers how to run, where to run, at what speed and at what distance. You just need to bring it all back to your life again.

How To Make A Running Come Back After Taking Time Off

If you look at running as a habit, then in order to incorporate it into your lifestyle again, you need to start small.

For example, for the first attempt after a long break, you just need to put on a sports uniform and walk your usual route with a quick step. Graduality and consistency are the main thing you need to remember.

  • For the first week, you can just walk fast.
  • For the second week you can gradually start running, but from time to time allow yourself to relax and just walk.
  • For the third week, you can run at a slow pace for short distances.
  • For the fourth week, you can either increase speed or increase distance, depending on what your body tells you.

As you can see, it’s wrong to just get out of the couch and run at maximum speed.

You need to gradually return your habit, and the body should receive a gradual physical activity, especially if you just have recovered from an injury.

Make a Schedule

The best way to do something without putting it off for tomorrow is to simply write the desired action to your schedule or to-do list. Start by creating your personal running schedule - taking into account your physical condition at the moment.

With each new week, you can adapt your schedule depending on your achievements - until you reach the desired training regimen. The most important thing is not to rush, and as we have said, make your schedule very smooth and moderate.

Restore Your Strength

Yes, we have muscle memory - however, over time, our muscles, like the respiratory system, weaken without regular training. Therefore, before you return to full running training, you need to restore your strength that was lost during the break.

How To Make A Running Come Back After Taking Time Off

Use your free days for additional sports training. And remember the main rule - you do not need to overdo it. All you need is to gradually return your body to sports mode.

In order to recover from an injury, swimming is an ideal sport that will help you get back in shape - and moreover, swimming is the safest sport that uses all the muscles without exception. Also, we recommend yoga and meditation - to boost your spirit and get additional internal energy.

Join a Community

One person, of course, can be a warrior in the field, but it is much easier to cope with difficulties when you have the support of like-minded people.

Therefore, if you feel that you need a company of people who are on the same wavelength as you, you definitely should join the group of people who are involved in running. And sometimes even one person who will run with you will be enough to again believe in yourself.

Moreover, most likely, you already know such people - sometimes it’s enough just to ask for help and support at the first stage to get it.

Stay Patient, Motivated and Positive

Of course, it is wrong to expect high results from the first run. Moreover, it is normal to feel tired at a distance that used to seem like a task for a child. Therefore, you will need patience and a positive attitude in order not to stray from the right path.

Remember that this is just physiology. It is absolutely possible to restore your strength and skills - you just need a little time. And believe it, recovery from a break will take much less time than developing stamina and habits from scratch.

Provide Your Body with Additional Care

The first few weeks during which you will return to running, your body will definitely experience stress. And this is a normal reaction. Therefore, during this period, it is extremely important to take care of yourself additionally.

Proper and balanced nutrition, extra protein, good sleep, and relaxation is what you need. Plus, it is possible that you will need additional vitamins or amino acids to maintain muscle.

Get Back To Running Better

Your return to running should not be debilitating. The key points of this process are a gradual return to habit, gradual workloads, maintaining your motivation and additional care for your body.

And remember, everyone who can do it once will be able to do it a second time as well.

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