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10 Reasons To Run The Gold Coast Airport Marathon

by On Jul 14, 2013
10 Reasons To Run The Gold Coast Airport Marathon

There are plenty of different reasons to run in the Gold Coast Airport Marathon, and some people are going through this event more for the view than anything else. Gold Coast is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, and there are plenty of people who vacation here without having any plans to run in the marathon. Located on the eastern shores of Australia, it is not hard to spend the day swimming, surfing or simply hanging out with friends and family members in the aftermath of the marathon.

While the reigning champions for both the male and female divisions hail from Japan, our local talents did remarkably well this year.

There are 355 participants from Singapore in this event this year, and we are bound to get much closer to the top than we have in the past. From first timers running an overseas marathon, to the veterans who have been here as many as 3 times, it is an event worth considering. Local athlete, Mok Ying Ren, has clocked in his personal best time at outstanding 2hr 26min 30sec, which has helped him qualify for the S.E.A Games. Ashley Liew attained a terrific time of 2hr 35min 43sec. He came in 21st place in the overall marathon.

Ashley Liew (left), Mok Ying Ren (right)

Ashley Liew (left), Mok Ying Ren (right)

Our local top female, Sumiko Tan came in at an impressive timing of 3hr 26min 53 sec. We also saw Singapore’s oldest participant, Kor Hong Fatt, 81 years old, finish at a time of 5hr 21min 39sec. This is his 18th marathon.

Although the Gold Coast does not need anything besides its beaches to bring in the masses for vacation time, the fact of the matter is that the Gold Coast Airport Marathon is one of the biggest events in this region every year. With over 27,000 runners coming in every year, this marathon was recently named the best marathon in the Oceanic Region. In fact, this has been rated as one of the top 10 marathons in the entire world. At the end of the day, this marathon is able to compete with the biggest running events in the world. Most runners point to the terrific weather and stunning coastline that they can view during the jog as the main reason they keep coming back every year.

Let's take a closer look at some of the main reasons that all runners seem to love this event.

Full marathon flag off saw about 5432 race entries.

Full marathon flag off saw about 5432 race entries.

1. The Weather is Unbeatable

The weather during the race is always spectacular. At an average between 12°C to 18 °C, many Aussies flock to this part of the country during this time of the year just to enjoy the weather. It's not like Singapore where the weather is hot and humid that you tend to stop more often during the run. Plenty of Singaporeans keep coming back simply because most of them achieve their personal best timing at the GCA Marathon!

2. Run Along World Famous Beaches

One of the most significant aspects of a quality marathon is the spectacular view. With the GCA Marathon, you are able to run alongside some of the most eye-pleasing beaches in the world. The terrain also remains flat for nearly the entire run. This is a 42.195km race that hugs the coastline the entire time.

Magnificent view of the coastal line from Sky Point.

Magnificent view of the coastal line from Sky Point.

3. A Great Experience for Any Runner

The organisation and hospitality at this event are the main highlights of Queensland tourism. One of the most important organisational decisions with this event is the cut off policy- an official cut off time in which participants must complete their race. These cut-off times are enforced to ensure slower participants do not impede other races and that roads re-open to the public in accordance with event permits.

Organisers pay attention to the little details from the start to finish line. The spacious roads also give you plenty of room to move around and that prevents congestion. During the race, volunteers take the extra efforts to ensure water is available. You will even be able to have your name and country mentioned as you cross the finish line!

4. The Locals Will Cheer for You

The locals love to cheer for the runners. You can expect to get plenty of pats on the shoulder and thumbs-up as you run. When you run pass residential areas, notice Aussies opening up their backyards cheering and offering drinks and energy food.

5. Entertainment as You Run

There is plenty of entertainment available for you as you run. Enjoy the spontaneity of some runners who showed up in costume for the race.

Spot runners clad in costumes along the run.

Spot runners clad in costumes along the run.

6. Meet and Fellowship with Singaporean Runners

With 355 Singaporeans participating in the GCA Marathon this year, that makes us one of the biggest overseas group participating in the event. Share training tips, do a little jog at Surfers before the race, or hang out with our local athletes and be inspired.

Singaporeans runners and families gather for a shot after the race.

Singaporeans runners and families gather for a shot after the race.

7. Getting There is Not Pricey

With the availability of budget flights like Scoot and Air Asia, you can get to the race at a low cost. Low budget accommodations around the coast can be found too.

8. Whale Watching

To coincide with the marathon, it is also the season of migrating humpback whales. Catch a whale cruise while you’re in town, and have some close encounters with the humpbacks. It’s a sight to behold!

10 Reasons To Run The Gold Coast Airport Marathon

9. A Rainforest Retreat

In addition to the beaches in Gold Coast, you may also want to check out the rainforests for a family outing. Less than an hour’s drive away from Gold Coast, rainforests, wineries and arts enclaves wait to be discovered. There’s always something for the young and old.

10. A Time of Retreat

Gold Coast and the surroundings are renowned for its natural calming environment. Fire the gas barbeque, pack a picnic and soak in the fresh coastal breezes. Go for the Hinterland Great Walk, it is deeply fulfilling, eco-friendly journey into the beauty of nature.

When all is said and done, you will come for the run and stay for the fun! Look into signing up for the Gold Coast Airport Marathon if you are searching for a new, epic experience!

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