10 Top Community Parks in Singapore

by On Nov 23, 2014
10 Top Community Parks in Singapore

Apart from bigger places like East Coast Park, there are also plenty of smaller community parks to be found in the residential areas of Singapore.

These parks tend to see plenty of activity by the residents living nearby. While they still have tracks for running, people also use them for other activities, such as tai chi. These parks are the perfect place to experience heartland life in Singapore!

Yishun Park

Distance: 1.6km loop.
Explore: Yishun SAFRA.
Nearby Facilities: Restrooms available, parking available at Yishun SAFRA.

10 Top Community Parks in Singapore

Yishun Park has a 1.6km outer loop, but you can stretch that distance by exploring the smaller tracks too. As it was built on an old rubber tree estate, you will see rubber trees, along with rambutan, guava and even durian trees too.

With rock climbing and swimming pool facilities and even an indoor air weapons range, the nearby Yishun SAFRA has plenty of things to keep you occupied too!

one-north Park

Distance: Over 300m.
Explore: Waterwall, Star Vista Mall.
Nearby Facilities: No restrooms; nearest will be at Buona Vista MRT or Biopolis.

10 Top Community Parks in Singapore

Built as a linear green spine that runs through the length of one-north, the one-north Park is built mostly on hilly terrain, and is more challenging than it looks! Located near Buona Vista MRT Station, this park is a great place to try out hill training. Check out the serene 83m long Waterwall, which is also lit up at night.

If you want further mileage for your runs, the Green Corridor is also located nearby. When you're done, grab some grub from the nearby malls, including the Star Vista (Singapore's first naturally cooled mall) and Rochester Mall.

Jurong Central Park

Distance: 2km.
Explore: Life-sized versions of Ludo and Snakes & Ladders.
Nearby Facilities: Restrooms with shower facilities available.

10 Top Community Parks in Singapore

Just across the road from Boon Lay MRT Station lies Jurong Central Park, which offers something more than peaceful natural greenery: life-sized board game features in a park! Get your kids involved and play a real-life version of the popular board game Snakes & Ladders or Ludo! There's also an exciting playground to keep them entertained.

A 2km running track stretches throughout the length of the park, so you'll also be able to get your running fix here too.

Bedok Town Park

Distance: 1.7km.
Explore: Bedok Reservoir, Bedok Park Connector.
Nearby Facilities: Restrooms and parking available.

10 Top Community Parks in Singapore

Bedok Town Park is pretty popular amongst residents, who frequent it because of the relatively flat running paths. The park is also situated close to Bedok Reservoir Park, which has a serene 4km running track looping around the reservoir.
If you're feeling adventurous, try taking the 6km Bedok Park Connector that connects to East Coast Park!

Punggol Waterway Park

Distance: 5km.
Explore: Natural Scenery and Wildlife.
Nearby Facilities: Restrooms and parking available.

10 Top Community Parks in Singapore

The Punggol Waterway Park is part of the North Eastern Riverine Loop (NERL) that also includes other parks like Sengkang Riverside Park. A short walk away from Punggol MRT Station, you can choose to run the 4km stretch of Punggol Waterway, or the entire NERL that's around 26km. Either way, you'll enjoy one of the most scenic spots in Singapore, with some beautiful scenery and chances to glimpse plenty of wildlife!

Be warned that there is little cover from the sun, so slap on some sunscreen to avoid getting burnt!

Clementi Woods Park

Distance: 300m.
Explore: Natural Greenery, Nearby West Coast.
Nearby Facilities: Parking and restrooms with shower facilities available.

10 Top Community Parks in Singapore

Lined with plenty of mature trees, this is a really quaint park that is situated alongside West Coast Road. There are some steps here, making it a perfect spot to work on hill or even vertical marathon training.

The Clementi Woods Park is also situated near West Coast Park, so be sure to head over there for a wonderful waterfront view too!

Woodlands Town Garden

Distance: 1km loop.
Explore: Sungei Mandai Kecil River
Nearby Facilities: Parking and restrooms with shower facilities available.

10 Top Community Parks in Singapore

Woodlands Town Garden was specially designed with the Sungei Mandai Kecil River flowing through it. With the design of the park amenities incorporating both Malay and Chinese elements, this tranquil park is a favourite spot for tai chi practitioners.

Add some trail running by heading over to the nearby Admiralty Park, which contains an interesting mix of both urban and nature areas to explore!

Sembawang Park

Distance: 1.2km loop.
Explore: Sembawang Jetty, the Beaulieu House, Sembawang Beach.
Nearby Facilities: Parking and restrooms with shower facilities available.

10 Top Community Parks in Singapore

The Sembawang Park has plenty of places to explore. Discover the Sembawang Jetty, the Beaulieu House, and Sembawang Beach, which is one of the few natural sandy beaches in Singapore.

Sembawang Park recently opened Singapore's 6th dog run on its premises, so you can bring your pooch over for some fun too!

Choa Chu Kang Park

Distance: Around 1km loop.
Explore: "3-Generational" fitness area, nearby Limbang Park and Stagmont Park.
Nearby Facilities: Parking and restrooms with shower facilities available.

10 Top Community Parks in Singapore

With its unique "3-Generational" fitness area, Choa Chu Kang Park styles itself as a place for people of all ages. Get some static exercises after your run in this wonderfully forested area.

If you have the time, check out Limbang Park and Stagmont Park, which are just a stone's throw away. Limbang Park sees plenty of kids having fun exploring its towering playground, while Stagmont Park contains 2 unique arched bridges made out of stone.

Toa Payoh Town Park

Distance: Approximately 1.2km.
Explore: Landscaped Pond, Foot Reflexology Footpath.
Nearby Facilities: Restrooms available. Parking is available at Toa Payoh Swimming Complex.

10 Top Community Parks in Singapore

Located near Toa Payoh MRT Station, Toa Payoh Town Park used to be a popular place for couples to take wedding photos during the seventies. You can still enjoy the great greenery here with the landscaped pond surrounded by willow trees.

You can try the foot reflexology footpath, which can help relieve some pressure from your feet after a long run!

Get a Feel for Singapore's Heartland Life

Despite the urbanisation of Singapore, there are plenty of green "pockets" in Singapore where residents can still enjoy some peaceful tranquillity. If you're getting bored of your usual running route, give some of these community parks a visit!

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