Is participating in an ultramarathon an art or a science? It’s both, say fans of this intense physical competition where athletes must possess the spirit of eagles to survive.

The popularity of ultras has spread across the globe as runners commit to challenging both mind and body to endure Herculean distance challenges. Sound like fun? This run is meant for you.

How much can ultra-athletes endure?

That depends upon the event. Some single-stage competitions require competitors to cover 31 miles while others extend to 50, 62 and even 100 miles under some of the most daunting conditions imaginable. The ultra scene has heated up so much, fans wonder whether the infamous Four Desert Series (four-stage events that dare athletes to cross the Atacama, Sahara and Gobi deserts in addition to Antarctica) could possibly inflict more punishment on the bodies of participants!

If you’re a neophyte and have no desire to tackle Herculean events any time soon, you can still make a name for yourself by trying your hand (and feet) at an ultra located close to home because the 2XU SG Ultra Marathon offers a variety of distances that make terrific starting points for your fledgling or already-established career. Since it’s figuratively in your backyard, you won’t have to go far to test your mettle.

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About the 2XU Ultra Marathon

If you’ve been sitting on a fence, you’ve still got time to snag an Early Bird entry fee by visiting Spacebib now to reserve your spot at the 2XU start line. Take either the 50km or 100km option, or test the waters by doing a 10km or 21km so you get a feel for the atmosphere and folks you’ll compete against once you’re ready for longer distances.

Report to Gardens by the Bay East (adjacent to Passion Wave at Marina Bay) on 7th and 8th October alongside the wildest bunch of race warriors you’ll encounter anywhere. Athletes can run alone or as one-half of a duo. The bravest of the brave will be waved off at 5 p.m. so they have the longest amount of time to complete either the 50km or 100km. For competitors tackling the 21km Half, the action begins at 6 p.m. Last to leave the start line at 8:30 p.m. are those undertaking the 10km.

What to expect

This isn’t your grandfather’s endurance event, so many rules apply to those eager to see how they fare. The course closes 30 minutes after flag-off so show up late and you’ll be watching the action rather than being part of it. This means you’ll want to leave extra early because you know what it’s like when Singapore road closures are put into place to support athletic endeavours, right?

Every participant must attach a timing chip to his or her shoelace so your finish time is precisely recorded. Should your timing chip disappear anywhere along 2XU Ultra course, plan a pity party because your results won’t be counted. Further to this topic, cut-off times are non-negotiable so memorise your category’s cut-off time before you figure out which shoes you’ll wear.

Organisers have applied due diligence so things go off without a hitch, so expect aid and beverage stations at regular intervals, and while the super athletes engaged in the 50km and 100km categories will be supplied with snacks, it’s never a good idea to leave this job to others. You’ll require nutritional boosts, so bring your favourites along.

…and if you survive!

For many athletes, just finishing an ultra and surviving the unexpected issues that arise, no matter how efficiently one prepares, is reward enough. But ultra lovers are a special breed and they’re not usually the understated types. Besides, accomplishments like this demand trophies, medals and garments that attest to the fact that you’ve not only pushed yourself to the limit, but lived to tell about it.

Finishers will be awarded medals and polo t-shirts. For the cream of the crop, 40+ trophies will be engraved for those who come out on top in their categories. You’ll have to wait until results are certified (about 14 days) for your personalised electronic finisher certificate to be issued. In the interim, why not pick out a perfect frame to display it on your wall?

What scares you most about the prospect of running an ultra? Is it the distance? Do you worry that no amount of preparation is enough? We’d like to know your biggest ultra-related fear. Perhaps writing it down will make it vanish!

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