Are you tired of running the same old route everyday?

Try joining a running group! Having a support network to help guide you, and improve your running progress faster too.

While these running groups may have different membership criteria, they share one thing: Their love for running. We’ve previously done a feature detailing some of Singapore’s running clubs, but there’s always space for more runners! Here’s look at some great running groups that started in 2013!

Puma Running Club

Led by runners from PUMA-sponsored running club Team RunFanatics, the Puma Running Club meets every Thursday at Marina Square for their once-weekly runs.

Membership & training sessions are free for all runners wearing PUMA shoes. Members do get benefits such as discounts from PUMA, and some free goodies such as socks and other merchandise.

But don’t worry if you don’t have any PUMA running shoes. You still can join the club for up to 4 runs! They have a variety of running-specific program workouts, such as speed, circuit, strength and conditioning exercises, and 5km to 10km group runs for various levels.

Date & Time for Training: Every Thursday 7.15 pm
Training Location: Marina Bay area
Distance / Training Program: Varies, between 5km-10km
Led by: Pacers from Team RunFanatics
Current group size: Average 30 per week

Reebok Running Club

Launched in October 2013, the Reebok Running Club has runs once a week. Their trainer Leon leads runners for weekly runs starting from Marina Square, and each weekly session focuses on different aspects of training, with varying distances.

Membership is free, and members will receive Reebok freebies such as water bottles and vouchers when they complete a certain number of runs.

Date & Time for Training: Every Monday, 7pm
Training Location: Around Suntec City & Marina Bay
Distance / Training Program: Every session has a different training focus with varying distances up to 10km
Led by: Trainer Leon
Current group size: Average 50 per week

Running Department

The Running Department launched in July 2013, holding a weekly run every Wednesday evening at UOB Plaza at Raffles Place. Their runs usually start with a dynamic warm up, followed by the actual run with various pace leaders and a group warm down (stretching and core workouts).

They also conduct a Weekend Feel Good Run every Saturday morning at various locations such as East Coast Park, Labrador Park, Mount Faber and MacRitchie Reservoir, which have distances ranging from 15km-33km for more experienced runners.

Date & Time for Training: Every Wednesday 7pm, Every Saturday Morning (timing varies)
Training Location: UOB Plaza, Raffles Place (Wednesdays), Various locations (Saturdays)
Distance / Training Program: Weekday runs of over 10km, with Weekend Feel Good Runs from 15km-33km
Led by: Trainers work with coaches to provide training activities.
Current group size: Average 20-35 per session

Run for Your Enjoyment

Joining a running club is a great way to meet new like-minded friends who share your passion. You can choose which places are most convenient for you. And you can make new running buddies, discover new routes and appreciate running much more too.

We’re always excited to learn about the different running groups that you join! Do share with us in the comments if you are part of a running group!

Jonathan Chou

Jonathan was a stereotypical couch potato a few years ago. He finally took the courage to take his health into his own hands, and now enjoys lengthy runs by East Coast Park.

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