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5 Breath-Taking Waterside Runs in Singapore

by On Dec 23, 2013
5 Reservoirs You Can Run in Singapore

Singapore is not all about high-rise skyscrapers and a hectic lifestyle. There are still so many serene places where one can appreciate nature at its most vibrant. We’ve covered some amazing heartland running routes before, but there are still so many more beautiful areas for you to appreciate nature. Here are 5 more breath-taking waterside running routes in Singapore.

Jurong Lake Park

5 Breath-Taking Waterside Runs in Singapore

Distance: 4km
How To Get There: Short walk from Lakeside MRT Station

Jurong Lake is a freshwater lake and reservoir located in the western side of Singapore, and the park features a waterfront promenade for you to enjoy the lakeside view while you run. It is located conveniently a stone’s throw away from Lakeside MRT. The Urban Redevelopment Authority plans to transform the area around Jurong Lake to a unique lakeside destination for business and leisure, so keep your eyes peeled for a bigger, better Jurong Lake run route in the coming years.

Discover the Sights

Chinese Garden
Built in 1975 and designed by Prof. Yuen-chen Yu, a well-known architect from Taiwan, the Chinese Garden’s concept is based on Chinese gardening art. Enjoy the splendid integration of traditional Chinese architectural features with the natural environment.

Japanese Garden
Exuding a sense of peace and tranquility with its rock gardens, stone lanterns, ponds and shrubs, and Japanese-style summer houses, the 13 hectare Japanese Garden is connected to the adjacent Chinese Garden by a bridge, and is designed according to Japanese Zen standards.

Upper Seletar Reservoir Park

5 Breath-Taking Waterside Runs in Singapore

Distance: 3km
How To Get There: Yio Chu Kang MRT, transfer to Bus 138 station

With 15 hectares of lush greenery, Upper Seletar Reservoir Park is a great venue for walkers and joggers. Built in 1920 as Singapore's third impounding reservoir, Seletar Reservoir was officially opened by Her Royal Highness, Princess Alexandra on 10th August 1969. In 1992, it was renamed as Upper Seletar Reservoir and became a marked conservation site in 1999.

Discover the Sights

Rocket Tower
No one can miss this iconic rocket-shaped tower as you make your way along the waterside. Climb up to the top and be rewarded with stunning panoramic views of the waters and its adjacent greenery.

Natural Wildlife
The natural greenery makes Upper Seletar Reservoir Park a great habitat for wildlife. Try to spot some long-tailed macaques that make their home there.

Lower Seletar Reservoir Park

5 Breath-Taking Waterside Runs in Singapore

Distance: 1.5km (Loop)
How To Get There: Short walk from Khatib MRT Station

The Lower Seletar Reservoir Park is another pleasant place for you to consider. Benches along the edge of the reservoir offer great spots from which to enjoy the view and breeze. With gentle undulating terrain and a fitness corner, this is a great place for runners to take a leisurely run and workout.

Discover the Sights

Back in 2004, the Public Utilities Board allowed sailing at the Lower Seletar Reservoir, making it the first time sailing was introduced in local reservoirs. Today, the place is a local hub for watersports. Come in the late afternoon, and be greeted by the cheers of kayaking and dragonboat clubs having fun out in the water.

There are also lots of hobby fishermen and anglers who wait patiently for their catch at the fishing jetty which extends from the park into the reservoir.

Kranji Reservoir Park

5 Breath-Taking Waterside Runs in Singapore

Distance: Approx. 2km
How To Get There: Bus 925 from Kranji MRT Station

Located in the north of Singapore, the Kranji Reservoir Park offers a stunning view of the Straits of Johor and the Kranji Dam. You can actually see over to Malaysia from here! With such beautiful surroundings, Kranji Reservoir Park is a popular place for fishermen and picnickers. You can enjoy a great scenic run if you plan beforehand.

Discover the Sights

Beautiful Birds
You can catch glimpses of beautiful fauna if you are lucky enough. Observe the wonderful Purple Heron as it wades through the banks of the Kranji Marshes (located at the banks of the Kranji Reservoir) for food.

World War 2 Memorial
A little known fact was that the Japanese army invaded Kranji in their plan to take Singapore during World War 2. Discover the war memorial plague located there appreciate a slice of history.

Punggol Waterway Park

5 Breath-Taking Waterside Runs in Singapore

Distance: Approx. 5km
How To Get There: Bus 84 from Punggol MRT Station

Though not technically a reservoir, the Punggol Waterway Park is a pretty exciting place for runners to go to, having been opened in recent years. With plenty of open spaces and lush greenery along with the Punggol Waterway running through, this park is an ideal setting for runners to enjoy.

Discover the Sights

Kelong Bridge
With stilts and posts resembling a traditional offshore platform built by local fishermen, the pedestrian Kelong bridge across the Punggol Waterway is an eye-catching way to preserve a piece of old Punggol and its fishing village history.

Wide spaces and cool winds are great conditions for kite-flying. Watch these enthusiasts unpack and fly their colourful kites, some which may be even bigger than 2 metres across!

Soaking in the natural sights and sounds will make for a exciting and memorable run. Some of these parks do get pretty deserted, so if you're planning to run in the evening, remember to bring a running buddy!

Do you know of other beautiful, green places to run in Singapore? Share them us in the comments below!

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