5 Weird Confessions of a Runner

by On Sep 20, 2014
5 Weird Confessions of a Runner

Non-runners think that it is crazy to wake up before sunrise every morning to willingly participate in strenuous physical activity until the lungs begin to burn and sweat pours off the skin.

We runners don't give up easily. We wear our determination proudly as part of our identity. Some enviously admires these vigorous specimens whose bodies are built for speed, but few believe that they are destined to join their ranks someday.

But while we're obsessively trying to run further and faster, we tend to forget one very important thing: runners are people too.

Like all fellow human beings, we have our share of strengths and weaknesses. Admit it; some of the stuff we do are just plain weird. Let's look at the inner lives of runners who reveals their running habits.

We Enjoy Performing for Non-Audiences

Runners run faster when other people are around-whether or not the people around them actually care about how fast they can run. This desire to show off is partially subconscious and even runners who are trying to run at their own pace get swept away by their competitive instincts.

If you're is having a run in the park and hear another runner's heavy breathing behind them, you can't help stepping up your own pace to stay ahead of the other person, regardless of how painful your legs are going to hurt the next day. No one actually cares who the faster runner is, but we will pant, sweat and stretch our limitations to beat the other person regardless.

5 Weird Confessions of a Runner

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We're Embarrassed to Walk

Some of us view walking as a sign of weakness. The concept of interspersing walking and running is highly recommended by medical experts, but many runners are too ashamed to admit that they need to take a break. This odd habit shows up in beginner runners as well as seasoned athletes.

The average person doesn't care whether a runner is walking, jogging, or sitting at home watching TV, but there’s only two states of movement for the runner: you're running, or lying flat on the pavement catching your breath.

We're Obsessively Possessive of the Pavement

It is a good thing for motorists everywhere that they are well protected by the metal cages of their vehicle while runners are not. Runners can have remarkably aggressive road rage when a vehicle or bicycle cuts them off or darts in front of them.

The smallest distraction can break a runner's rhythm and ruin the entire run. Whether or not you are aware of it, most runners practice focusing to relax the body and breathe deeply while running to maximize efficiency. Running is just as much a mental activity as a physical one, and we do not take kindly to having our focus interrupted.

5 Weird Confessions of a Runner

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Finding Creative Ways to Brag

One of the odd habits of runners is that subconsciously or not, we try to turn every possible conversation to running. Realizing that no one likes a braggart, they try to disguise their boasting. Anyone who is friends with a runner is bound to hear variations of the following phrases:

  • "I only ran a hundred km last week."
  • "It's only 7km to my house. I could run it if I wasn't wearing these stupid heels."
  • "I can't eat that! I have a race tomorrow."
  • "I'd better hit the sack. I'm running at 4.30am tomorrow morning."

Pressuring Friends to Start Running

While non-runners think we're are crazy for running, we runners think non-runners are crazy for not running! Since scientists are now validating the existence of runner's high, that may account for runners' strange addiction to torture.

At any rate, runners will attest to the fact that running makes them feel better. They've long since forgotten the agonizing pain of their first few workouts and simply cannot understand why everyone doesn't run. For serious runners, skipping their run would be as tragic as skipping coffee would be for others. We fear injury not because of the pain, but because it prevents us from running. Since running is so important, it is no wonder that runners constantly try to convince everyone they know to run.

5 Weird Confessions of a Runner

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We're Quirky and We Love it

Some of these habits of runners may seem odd to non-runners, but they are the norm for many runners. The reality is that all human beings have strange quirks and personalities.

Runners are people who have found something that they love to do (or love to hate to do) and are pursuing it with great energy and determination. They overcome obstacles and push themselves to achieve a new personal best, and that alone is worth it.

And as it turns out, runners may not be so bizarre after all!

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