6 Reasons To Date A Runner

by On Feb 13, 2014

If you don't know what you want you end up with a lot you don't.

Dating a runner could be the best decision of your life. While everyone knows a runner is in shape, there is so much more to a runner besides their obvious athletic prowess. Think of each of the 6 examples below and remember that Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Maybe it's time to give a runner a chance.

Runners Are Self-Motivated

Runners do more than run. Runners are self-motivated and can make themselves do things that they don't normally want to do. Not every runner wants to run a great distance everyday, but they do so because they know it helps them clear their head and stay in shape. The most self-motivated people in the world can do great things with their lives, and it would be a shame to miss out on someone like that.

Plus, dating a runner is going to cause that motivation to rub off on their partner. Perhaps running was never really an option. Now, running with your partner could be the thing that helps you get into shape, as well.

They're Fit and Strong

A runner is likely to be very physically fit. For members of either sex, it is very attractive to be with someone who has a toned body and is in shape. However, physical fitness is also something that gives people more energy and more zest for life. A runner is someone who wants to go and see all the sights on vacation, who wants to take a run down a beautiful mountain coast or who wants to try something new when running up and down a mountain trail.

Dating a runner is an invitation to doing many things that never would have happened otherwise.

Runners Are Positive People

Runners tend to be positive people because they need that positivity to get through difficult runs or to finish off an especially difficult run. Without a positive attitude, a runner likely would not even get off the couch.

Plus, a runner who has a mostly positive attitude is going to help their partner become more positive in the process. Some people are put in our lives to show how to live better lives, and a runner is someone who can lead their partner to a better state of being. Without the positive influence of a runner, it would be hard for many people to ever see the bright side of things.

6 Reasons To Date A Runner

Good Will Power

Runners have immense will power that can be seen in the long distances that they run. However, that will power transfers to other parts of their lives. Many people who run find that they can power through bad days at work, difficult family problems and issues in their relationships that other people would just walk away from.

A runner will tend to have better romantic relationships because they can help someone through a tough time at work or school. That will power allows them to get through things that other people would not be able to handle. There is nothing that a runner cannot get through. They already run marathons, and they can take that will power and apply it to their relationships and help their partners at the same time.

Runners Can Travel To Fun Places

Runners can run races all over the world, and that means that they get to travel to all kinds of interesting locations. This also means that their partner can go with them. The travel that is involved with running can take people to places that they never would have visited otherwise.

Plus, the couple gets to have experiences together if the partner who was not a runner picks up running. This is something that can bring a couple together and give them great experiences that will last a lifetime.

You Can Have A Date In Your Running Shoes

Runners should be romanced and enjoy the romantic side of their relationship, but there is something to be said for showing up for a date in one's running shoes. Runners can always go for a good run, talk with their partner and enjoy the sights.

Plus, a runner knows that they can just run to a nice dinner or movie without needing to take the car. These are some of the most fun dates a couple can have because they are doing the entire thing together.

6 Reasons To Date A Runner

Dating a runner is a great idea for anyone who values a self-motivated, physically-fit, interesting person who travels the world and can go on a date in their running shows.

Consider that runner around the corner and think about what a wonderful life could be ahead with just a pair of running shoes and a shared interest in physical fitness!

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