7 Facts You Must Know About the Apple Watch Nike+ for Runners

by On Dec 11, 2016

Nike’s take on the latest Apple Watch is a great companion to runners thanks to these seven well thought out features.

7 Facts You Must Know About the Apple Watch Nike+ for Runners

The second generation Apple Watch is a great piece of wearable technology, no doubt. With a slew of much awaited features, the Series 2 is in every way an upgrade on the first Apple Watch.

Let us be frank here, that first Apple Watch may not be the best option for runners and athletes looking for a smartwatch that can double up as a reliable fitness tracker. The lack of a GPS tracker made it restrictive for tracking run distances effectively.

But Apple has listened to the feedback from users and the Apple Watch Series 2 is a credible alternative to the deluge of fitness trackers on the market today.

Adding the “Swoosh”!

So how can you make an already great running companion even better: add a generous dose of “swoosh” of course! The Apple Watch Nike+ is an even sportier take on Apple’s latest smartwatch by one of the best sportswear companies in the business. But the Apple Watch Nike+ is not just an empty branding rehash of the Apple Watch Series 2.

It has some serious upgrades in its own right, aimed at serious fitness freaks as well as casual runners. Here are 7 facts you should know about the Apple Watch Nike+ before you decided to get one:

1. The Nike Software Edge

They are no strangers to fitness tracking devices, having dabbled in that market with their own FuelBand fitness trackers. The software that powers that tracker is at the heart of the Apple Watch Nike+. And that makes a real difference from the normal Apple Watch.

The Nike+ Run Club app is at the core of the watch and it uses the hardware in the watch to optimal effect. Even the built in GPS and accelerometers work in tandem perfectly, automatically pausing when you come to a halt in between your runs, say at a traffic light.

And there is also a very dedicated forum of the app users already built up thanks to the Nike tracker, so you are in essence getting a very matured ecosystem, not just a brand new tracker. The app even offers friendly motivation and alerts to keep you on track of your fitness goals.

7 Facts You Must Know About the Apple Watch Nike+ for Runners

Photo Credit: Apple

2. A Perfect Synergy Between Watch and Fitness Tracker

And lest we forget, this is really cool smartwatch in the first place. The Apple Watch Series 2 is by itself an amazing upgrade on the first iteration of the device. If you ask me, it was just a little bit underwhelming as fitness tracker/companion. But the Apple Watch Nike+ adds just the right splash of extra energy into the mix, be it in the software, the skins or the overall appearance and design.

Why own a watch and a different fitness tracker with their separate apps when you can simplify things and get a cool sporty watch+tracker that shares a common software ecosystem?

3. iPhone Integration and Siri: Need We Say More

This is one thing no fitness tracker out there can ever dream of providing. Being an Apple product means that you are hardwired to that amazing ecosystem. And that means that the Apple Watch Nike+ is linked to your iPhone and you can get message and call notifications on the go.

If you have a busy schedule, this can be an invaluable feature to keep you connected even while on the go. And the availability of Siri with some exclusive voice commands to make your life a whole lot easier.

7 Facts You Must Know About the Apple Watch Nike+ for Runners

Photo Credit: Apple

4. A Display Like No Other

That screen is to die for, when you consider the alternatives on offer in the tracker market. The Apple Watch Nike+ has the best screen on any fitness tracking device, by a country mile. I mean, seriously this is not even a competition. The Apple Watch Series 2 has a brighter screen so you don’t have to squint or struggle when in broad daylight to read the contents on the screen.

And that extra pixels on screen mean that Nike app can keep throwing massive amounts of info at you without ever becoming visually overwhelming. The crisp display ensures that all that extra info is easy to read.

5. Can Handle Splashes, and Probably Help You Avoid Some Too!

The Apple Watch Nike+ is waterproof, so if you want to do a few laps in the water or take jog in the rain, go ahead.

This is one watch that doesn’t mind getting a little wet and with a weather tracking app, you can even find the best time to run if you are not too into the whole running in the rain idea!

7 Facts You Must Know About the Apple Watch Nike+ for Runners

Photo Credit: Apple

6. A “Goldilocks” Tracker, Both in Size and Feel

The Apple Watch Nike+ is pleasantly middle of the road when it comes to size and weight. You don’t really want a massive dial in this category. If you did, you could just carry your phone around.

The Apple Watch is a “just the right size” design, not too heavy or unwieldy. It probably offers the best feel and fit of all fitness tracking devices out there. And being a watch, all you need to do is to strap it onto your wrist and be done with it.

7. That Nike Strap

The guys at Nike sure do know how to make exercise friendly accessories. That perforated strap is a perfect addition that improves on the overall wearability of the device. The elastomer silicone strap is a carryover from the original Apple Sports Watch but Nike decided to improve on it.

The addition of holes on the surface help avoid discomfort during excessive sweating. The difference is palpable and very welcome too.

7 Facts You Must Know About the Apple Watch Nike+ for Runners

Photo Credit: Apple


Retailing at the same price as the regular Apple Watch Series 2, the Apple Watch Nike+ is a tantalizing prospect. Not only is it a fantastic upgrade on the first Apple Watch in every conceivable way, it is also a serious alternative to other fitness trackers in the market especially if you are an existing Apple user.

With access to both the Nike+ app as well as the ever amazing Apple Software ecosystem and Siri, why wouldn’t you want to use the Apple Watch Nike+ as your daily fitness companion and timekeeper?

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