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9 Reasons We Hated Running the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore

by On Dec 14, 2015
9 Reasons We Hated Running the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore

Despite the fact that our mums cautioned us about using the word “hate,” we continue to insist that there are times when it’s the only appropriate word, which is why we can’t stop ourselves from making some post-Standard Chartered Marathon comments that require the word if we're to properly convey our outrage. This isn’t the first time we’ve felt strongly about our race experience, but it’s the first time we're committing these nine complaints to writing!

1. We hate looking at all of those smiley faces.

C’mon, people! What are you smiling about? You have just exhausted yourself to the point of being near collapse and you’re also likely somewhat angry because you’re hungry, sweaty, hot and maybe even chafed in places that you don’t want to discuss. Smile? You won’t catch us smiling at the finish line any time soon and if you’re honest, you’ll admit to putting on a happy face, too.

9 Reasons We Hated Running the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore

2. We hate the fact that the Standard Chartered Marathon organiser did such a poor job staging this race.

We're actually in need of a fan to cool our rage. Can you imagine the audacity of corporate folks who insisted on compiling an event handbook to explain exactly what we could expect. They even invited participants to contact them with questions. We don’t know about you, but we're used to an environment in which runners are clueless when it comes to how to register, where to show up and what to do once I get there, aren’t you? Don’t get me started on the SCMS’s on-point, comprehensive list of rules and regulations!

3. We hate all of the nice, compassionate people we met at the 2015 event.

Sure, we're aware of the fact that these character traits can’t ascribed solely to the people who ran the race, but since this is our latest experience with people who insisted on asking us if we needed help when we hit a wall — who had the nerve to encourage and motivate us to keep going when we were in no mood to do anything but sit down and hold a pity party for ourselves — we feel compelled to add this to our hot list. We're begging you: stop being so nice and caring.

9 Reasons We Hated Running the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore

4. We hate the fact that our life has changed as a direct result of having run this race.

We’ll be honest: We were used to feeling angry, out of sorts, lethargic and disagreeable, but now, we're truly out of our element after being forced to admit that when those endorphins kicked in at one point during the race we began to feel empowered, hopeful and — dare we say it — happy? This is just unacceptable. My comfort zone has a rather narrow range, which is why our moods usually span a continuum that ranges from grumpy to rage. It didn’t help when competitors kept asking us how we were feeling and whether we needed anything. Disgraceful.

5. We hate the fact that race organisers gave us more stuff.

Our drawers are already overflowing with t-shirts we’ve collected over time after running so many races and now, We're going to have to find room for two more since we not only ran but finished. Hello? This means two more pieces of laundry for which we're responsible! To make matters worse, we also have to find a place to hang a finisher’s medal. We're pretty sure that our mum would be happy to take it off our hands, but giving her even more reasons to bore her friends on the subject of “us” is too dreadful to expound upon any further.

9 Reasons We Hated Running the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore

6. We hate the fact that there were so many race categories from which to choose.

It’s almost impossible to decide on just one after ambling through 15 choices offered by the race committee to make sure anyone who wanted to run and was ready to do so could participate. 15 individual events? We were feeling so overwhelmed when we had to sit down and use the process of elimination to pick just one that our brain almost went into overdrive. Kids dash? We're too old. Wheelchair? Thankfully, no. And since we belong to only one gender (for which we're doubly thankful) our list still came down to half a dozen. Do you know Grumpy Cat? That was how we looked trying to pick just one.

7. We hate the fact that we made new friends.

Who needs more friends? We already have a few. What’s worse is that the people we met at the Standard insisted that we take their phone numbers and e-mail addresses. They physically dragged us to the after party and proceeded to introduce us to even more of their friends. Who does this? Those people are so pushy and insistent that we join their community, we may not have a choice. We’ve gotta get out of this network before we wind up with a whole new crowd of people on speed dial—and what can we say about having to keep track of all of these people's birthdays?

9 Reasons We Hated Running the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore

8. We hate the fact that we made my parents proud of us by finishing the race.

What is wrong with those people? They insist on telling all of their friends, work colleagues and the rest of the planet of every accomplishment. We mean, they talk about me to strangers, for heaven’s sake. It’s gotten so bad, we hide the truth about our wins and honors, but our big mouth cousin insists on spilling the beans to our parents —like this latest incident when she couldn’t wait to tell them that we achieved a personal best at the race. It gets worse: when we run into neighbours, they have already heard from our parents and insist on congratulating us. Does it ever end?

9. We particularly hate the fact that people from all over the world came together.

...and exhibited such a sense of brotherhood given our current geopolitical climate. Watching runners of all ages, abilities and sensibilities strive for success — and being on hand to witness the performances of people who tried but failed yet remained in high spirits — was particularly gratifying! So many of them pledged to finish the 2016 race, we were forced to admire them. In the end, this year’s race served as a reminder to us and everyone else that the human spirit will always transcend hate and violence.

9 Reasons We Hated Running the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore

Okay. We admit it. We don’t really HATE any of these things. Mostly, we're reminded that the Singapore running community and everyone else who ran the Standard Chartered Marathon proved an amazing confluence of good people whose collective spirit shone bright.

Highlights For Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2015

Before we end our love-hate relationship with the SCMS this year, we present to you a highlight of the race.

Did you run the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore this year? How about sharing your afterthoughts? Don't hold back. This is important!

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