When MBT announced the debut of its 2016 spring and summer collection of athletic shoes, they said that shoes in this collection were slated to usher in a new era of athletic footwear.

They detailed the 18-month-long design and development process that resulted in a trio of new shoe styles that meet the needs of runners who prefer shoes that are lightweight, performance-driven or designed to meet cushioning needs, so regardless of running style, one shoe in this collection would be ideally suited to each group.

The current MBT fall and winter collection caught our notice. These year-end introductions are intended to make a bigger splash than models introduced earlier in the year.

They’re built for speed. Support. And comfort…each one introduced as a year-end surprise from an international company that knows a thing or two about the importance of satisfying its market.

The Technology Behind the Shoe

It’s a perfect marriage of style and function that is only made possible by a patented construction process that separates MBT athletic shoes from the crowd.

There’s a reason the fall/winter collection meets the company’s highest standards: each shoe is crafted using a proprietary formula encompassing bio-mechanics and emphasis on natural stability.

There are three distinct profiles from which shoppers can choose, and each one is engineered to maximize performance, regardless of a runner’s preferred terrain and speed:

  1. Avid runners are sure to appreciate additional cushioning of the Performance profile that’s been added to improve mid-foot to forefoot transitions, no matter how fast a runner’s pace may be.
  2. Enthusiastic runners who like to indulge in regular training and marathon participation value the Cushion profile above all other features because this category of runner seeks a soft ride and feel—especially when in the throes of recovery following a taxing marathon.
  3. For easy-going athletes who seek a comfortable run that’s soft and inviting, the Lightweight profile features a signature rocker sole that’s just subtle enough to propel a recreational runner forward. Newcomers to the brand say that this is the shoe that introduced them to an all-natural running experience for the first time ever.

The MBT Running Experience

Runners with a need for speed are going to appreciate the fact that the shoes in the fall/winter collection are fabricated to such exacting standards. The minimal sew mesh upper is not only sensitive to the foot’s movement but the flexibility factor is a responsive as a shoe can be.

Below the foot, the Ortholite insole is the secret behind the cushy comfort and because the shoe’s interior is lined with material fabricated to repel bacteria, the chances of developing foot problems or experiencing an uncomfortable long run are lessened appreciably.

Engineers conducted hundreds of hours of testing to refine the design around MBT’s proprietary Sensor Technology that, in concert with the shoe’s modified running “rocker” – the patent pending Tri-Density midsole, offers runners support and cushioning that suits the pace, distance and style runners of all activity levels demand.

Further, the signature Pivot Strike at mid-foot area encourages mid-foot transitioning, so whether one is moving across terrain at a slow pace and needs to literally speed up on-the-fly, support and cushioning adapt quickly to meet the propulsion needs of the wearer.

6 Benefits You Won’t Find Elsewhere

  1. Pivot Strike at Midfoot area to promote efficient transition from midfoot to toe-off.
  2. A mix of high-abrasion EVA and rubber are employed to meet specific weight and performance standards.
  3. Feet remain cool, dry and fresh-smelling thanks to a breathable mesh upper and Drylex wicking, moisture- management system.
  4. The nylon shank is molded into the midsole, contributing to the shoe’s flexibility and stability.

Why You Want to Own a Pair of These Shoes

World-renowned Dr. Jeffrey Grey of Heeluxe subjected the performance running collection to such rigorous testing, this independent research facility gave these shoes their top rating. Loyal MBT wearers insist that their posture has improved as a direct result of running in any of the shoes included in the new seasonal introductions.

Your muscles will be retrained as a direct result of wearing shoes designed to engage your natural propensity for walking and running. You may even burn calories as a direct result of wearing them.

Pressure is distributed evenly throughout the body so some wearers discover that back pain and other physiological problems disappear as a direct result of the Masai sensor that directs your feet to “float” from step-to-step. Will you need a tutorial to learn to wear MBTs?

What health and well-being measure have you ever adopted that didn’t require some re-education? See this video for answers to questions you likely have at this point. It’s 7 minutes of your time that could be life-changing!

How heavily do you rely on scientific research when you’re thinking about changing the brand of running shoes you’ll buy? Often? Sometimes? Or is it all about performance?

Aidan H.

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