Run the Most Important Races of 2020: Asia Online Run™

by On Jul 29, 2020

The annual Asia Online Run is twice as meaningful in 2020 given the COVID-19 pandemic. But there’s something more important at stake: Runners will honour 7 nations in observance of each one's victory over oppression.

Run the Most Important Races of 2020: Asia Online Run™

When Spacebib launched the Run For Singapore online challenge in 2018, Singapore runners were carefree, eager to compete and dedicated to celebrating the nation’s National Day – a beloved holiday that marks centuries of oppression finally vanquished so the city-state could guide its own destiny. Over the past 2 years, neighboring nations have been added to this race’s roster.

This year’s event is particularly important – not just because Asia has been struggling with the virus – but because this pandemic has become a shared concern among neighboring nations.

As a result, runners eager to represent seven major nations on the Pacific rim will have opportunities to show their love of homeland by participating in events representing Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and Cambodia.

Run For Philippines Online Challenge 2020

Why 2020 is no ordinary celebration

Every year, the Asia Online Run™ takes place to commemorate the difficult roads nations in this part of the world have had to take.

Some of these struggles were limited to individual countries. Oftentimes, Asian nations suffered together. But despite travails, each society has prevailed, becoming stronger and more resolute.

Run For Singapore Online Challenge 2020

To honour sacrifices made over time by those chasing the dream of self-autonomy, the Asia Online Run™ has become more than a vehicle for collecting medals, personal bests and enhancing one’s fitness. It has become a symbol that shows the world that despite obstacles, each of these nations prevailed.

Each year, distances grow longer, just as each society faces what can feel like insurmountable odds. But together, all things are possible!

Run For Indonesia Online Challenge 2020

Run one race. Run them all.

Identify with your homeland's National Day and commit to rack up distances based on these 2020 anniversary dates:

  • The Philippines: 122 Independence Days gives runners the opportunity to tackle either the 12.2km or 122km.
  • Singapore: 55 National Days have been observed thus far. Choose between 5.5km and 55km run options.
  • Indonesia: Mark this nation’s 75th National Day by committing to either the 7.5km or 75km distance.
  • Malaysia: Malaysia gained independence 63 years ago. Run the 6.3km or 63km to show your support for the nation.
  • Vietnam: Vietnam will mark 75 years of autonomy in 2020. Make a successful 7.5km or 75km run your goal.
  • Cambodia: Celebrate 67 years of independence of Cambodia with the 6.7km or 67km.
  • Thailand: Having renamed to Thailand from Siam 81 years ago, honour this landmark year by choosing either the 8.1km or 81km.
Run For Malaysia Online Challenge 2020

What you should know about the 2020 Asia Online Run™

Participants collect distances at their own pace, time and place, so nothing could be safer. You sign up for one or more races. You’ll notice that they’re scattered throughout the year, so it will be possible to spread your efforts to cover the remainder of 2020.

No worries about social distancing because you rack up kilometers at home, on your treadmill, stair stepping or any method you prefer to reach your goal that allows you to upload the kilometers you collect to your Spacebib account by that event’s deadline. Your achievement rewards will be sent directly to your mailing address once you’ve been victorious.

Run For Vietnam Online Challenge 2020

Why it's important to run this race

When last were you given an opportunity to show your love of country in a meaningful way? Taking part in an expansive opportunity that symbolises the struggle and hardships each nation has survived, you salute the end of wars, the end of colonialisations and now, a hopeful and eventual end of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Run For Cambodia Online Challenge 2020

Spacebib have built into this year’s Asia Online Run™ all of the incentives and safeguards a runner could want, so whether you wish to salute just your homeland or all of the nations represented, know that you are safe, valued and important parts of the statement made by everyone registered for this unique event.

Run For Thailand Online Challenge 2020

Alone, we are strong. Together, we are stronger. The more participants, the more meaningful this year-long effort. Being part of the 2020 Asia Online Run™ is symbolic of your desire to be part of the world running community at a time that your participation means more than it ever has!

How many events in this 7-nation Asia Online Run™ could you tackle as a way of showing your gratitude for running, for life and for the nation you love?

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