Dear Runners: What Gift Are You Giving For Christmas?

by On Dec 22, 2015

Christmas is forever, not for just one day. For loving, sharing, giving, are not to put away.

Attention Singapore Runners: Are You Making a Gift List This Christmas?

It’s that time of year again and it matters not what religion you are because there’s a good chance you celebrate Christmas by exchanging gifts with friends, family and colleagues in Singapore.

But Christmas gift-giving can be complicated. You don’t have a fortune to spend, so hot new running shoes or fancy technology is out of the question. On the other hand, you want to give gifts that mean something to recipients so you are always remembered as the person who took time to select something appropriate.

But, what to get the runners in your life? How many of them need socks, a t-shirt or a keychain? Because you need clever, imaginative ideas, we’ll help you out with the following tips so you hear this phrase over and over again: “It’s exactly what I need! How did you know?” The answer, of course, is that you listen when your friends talk, and that’s the greatest holiday gift of all.

1. How to become a nosy friend!

Interview everyone on your gift list to find out what they want or could use. Slip your questions into everyday conversation as you run together, cross-train at the gym or (ideally) shop together.

If you’re fearful you’ll be caught taking notes, it’s permissible to lie in pursuit of a gift idea: Start a grocery list on your smartphone or notepad so nobody notices the 2016 running calendar that’s been added to your list of noodles, veggies and spices.

Attention Singapore Runners: Are You Making a Gift List This Christmas?

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2. Don’t blow your budget!

We know that your heart says splurge but your bank balance says, “my rent is due,” and you can’t have both. But if you’re in a romantic relationship and you’ve been given no gift clues, what can you do? Use this imaginative budget list for gifting someone you’re dating! This guide is also useful for women:

  • Spend $25 if you’ve been dating a matter of weeks.
  • Spend $50 if you and your runner have been together for three months.
  • Spend $75 if you two have been running in the same direction for six months.
  • Spend $100 if you’ve been together a year (with or without a celebratory marathon).
  • Spend $200 if your romance has lasted two years and you're still going strong.

3. Shop until you drop.

What’s your style? Big department stores? Perhaps you like little boutiques with unique sports products that can't be found elsewhere. On the other hand, if you want to unearth the mother lode of running gifts, head for Velocity at the Novena Square Shopping Mall, the destination known as "Singapore’s first-ever dedicated sports and lifestyle mall."

Alternately, Queensway Shopping Centre may be closer to your home and you already know why a mall website reviewer dubbed this destination “heaven for athletes.” Decision made. Grab your plastic and get into the fray.

Attention Singapore Runners: Are You Making a Gift List This Christmas?

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4. Become a cyber potato.

There’s nothing wrong with steering a virtual shopping cart down cyber aisles because you’re a runner and don’t neglect your body, so stay seated and go online to find treasures. If you do your shopping from a laptop while you’re on the treadmill, you rock!

Cyber shopping puts the world at your fingertips. Roam websites, compare prices and tackle your list in hours, minus the crowds. Where to start? How about with Footlocker, Running Warehouse, Champs Sports, Modell’s, Rakuten, Key Power Sports, FAT and DECATHLON. The earlier you shop, the better your chance of avoiding stock outages, back-ordered product and shipping snags.

5. The thrill of the hunt.

When you spot the words “clearance,” “close-out” and “discounted,” does your heart skip a beat? You can look for bargains at retail stores, or visit websites devoted to mark-downs and closed-out merchandise. These are ideal solutions if a person on your wish list fits the aforementioned “dating for weeks” category, you haven’t lots of money, but you still want to impress.

Websites like Overstock.com and Fantastics Outlet.com sell lots of running-related merchandise and it never hurts to browse manufacturer’s sites for deals. If you take this path, it's important to know your recipient's brand preferences. If he adores Nike, why ruin your relationship by giving gifts embellished with the Adidas logo?

Attention Singapore Runners: Are You Making a Gift List This Christmas?

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6. But, you feel desperate.

You haven’t a scintilla of imagination left, but you want to be seen as clever and thoughtful without liquidating your assets. These ideas should unlock your mind long enough to get those brain juices flowing:

  • Give a babysitting certificate to a running mom who might otherwise miss out on “me time”
  • Select a gift card from a favourite shop so he or she can choose their own present
  • Give an active runner a case of energy bars so every post-run snack reminds her of you
  • Spend less than $30 on a wrist ID so his or her health history is available in emergency situations
  • Buy a little basket and fill it with must-haves like anti-chafe lotion, lip balm and sunscreen
  • Pick up an inexpensive piece of costume jewelry — a little sneaker charm dangling from a chain
  • Use your computer to make a calendar with upcoming Singapore marathon dates already filled in
  • Make a book of IOUs, each of which promises a favour, like cooking a pre-race meal
  • Fill a new water bottle with his favourite candy

Have these ideas kick-started your imagination? Are great ideas exploding in your head like wildflowers? Tell us about them. At the same time, you’ll share them with readers who could also use your help at this busy time of year!

Nathaniel is a disciplined casual runner and a lover of bananas. As a columnist for RunSociety, he is always on the lookout for exciting and controversial topics that touch the heart of the running community in Singapore, often adding in his funny observations. He has embarked on a mission to start a world class running group in Asia.

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